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20220106 updated NeXt LIVE スケジュールに 2月19日(土)田川 DIAMOND MOON を追加
20220102 updated Discography【DVD】SHEENA 43th BIRTHDAY LIVE 【フルライブ盤2021/11月23日発売!】 を追加

20180728 updated NeXt LIVE スケジュールに金沢もっきりやと仙台エン2 追加
20190124 HOT LINE, NeXtLIVE Page Renewal

20181001 20180930 本日の3KINGS公演中止のお知らせ
20180327 updated 鮎川誠ロック塾#13 & テキスト
20180215 Updated SHEENA & THE ROKKETS 40Years Together ゴールデン☆ベスト - VICTOR ROKKETS 40+1
20180115 Updated SHEENA & THE ROKKETS 40Years Together ゴールデン☆ベスト - EARLY ROKKETS 40+1


20171222 Updated SHEENA & THE ROKKETS 40Years ゴールデン☆ベスト 『EARLY ROKKETS 40+1』発売決定 - amass news
20171117 Updated 鮎川誠ロック塾#12 - JOINT JAM 2 (TALK AND LIVE With 浦田賢一) 
20170722 Updated Bob Gruen's ROCK SEEN on rokketweb
20170705 Updated 鮎川誠ロック塾 - TALK AND LIVE With 浦田賢一 For  SONHOUSE SHOW 1973.3.12

20161107 Updated Ayukawa's RockJuke with Ayukawa in New York City 1987
20160704 New Updated 「シーナの夢」(西日本新聞社)
20160215 SHEENA FOREVER <2/14 シーナ1周忌・追悼の会>

20151208 Updated next Live with 47(SHEENA) ROKKET RIDE TOUR + N.Y.W.R.F. 2015-2016
20151123 SONHOUSE New 2CD 'HAKATA' for 40th Anniversary
20151028 Ayukawa Makoto on 'NO HAKATA, NO LIFE' at JR HAKATA CITY

20140922 S&R 9.13 YA-ON ROKKET RIDE LIVE -Pix Gallery - Review+ Voices
20140917 new updated シーナ&ロケッツの35周年野音LIVE 写真速報 - S&R ROKKET RIDE LIVE @YA-ON14
20140915 updated HOTLINE + ROKKET RIDE NEWS with S&R RokketRideLIVE @ Hibiya YA-ON was Delightful
20140911 updated HOTLINE + ROKKET RIDE NEWS with S&R's New Video CM for YA-ON
20140903 Added Latest News on ROKKET RIDE NEWS with チケットぴあ's シーナ&鮎川誠★インタビュー新着★
20140830 created rokket gallery 1981 YA-ON for your pleasure
20140830 updated HOTLINE + ROKKET RIDE NEWS
20140829 Updated next Live after Ya-on0913
20140723 New Updated Rokket Ride Kount Up with ROKKET RIDE New CD "ROKKET RIDE" just Released!

20131108 Updated Setlist with 1102@CB + 1103Rag-G + 1104@OneDrop PHOTOBOOK
20131024 updated HOTLINE with NEWS for シーナ&ロケッツ 35周年カウントダウン九州ツアー
20131007 Updated Setlist with 1003 Wilko Johnson Nite + Collected PHOTOBOOK + Link for Tokyo Session2013
20130925 Updated Setlist with Collected PHOTOBOOK for T-Jam#10 Kappa Rock Fes
20130919 archived 高塔山の河童伝説 with t-jam a.k.a. KappaRock Fes2004-2013 page
20130918 updated HOTLINE with オフィシャルショップ sheena.ccに、チケットセンター』が登場!
20130915 new updated S&R Archive Page 'bout kappa rock fes 2004-2013
20130915 南相馬のライブ Pix & Voices Page was Created as 20130907 SEA SIDE SUN IN MINAMISOMA M4
20130912 updated HOTLINE with 本日発売のファッション雑誌、GINZA10月号にシーナ&ロケッツが登場!
20130909 updated HOTLINE with シーナ&ロケッツ デビュー35周年記念日ライブ 決定! 11月23日(土)六本木スーパーデラックス
20130828 Updated HOTLINELive Schedule「ブルースにとりつかれて vol. 18」 パンフレット ARCHIV
20130812 Updated HOTLINELive Schedule「ブルースにとりつかれて」 パンフレット ARCHIV
20130804 Updated HOTLINELive Schedule with CLUB LIZARD 11/10(sun)
20130222 Updated HOTLINELive Schedule with Sapporo PENNY LANE24 4/6(sat)
20130201 New Updated The Book Reissued BLUE BEAT BOP! by Yamana Noboru Introducing Page
20130130 Updated HOTLINE with Recentry News
20130103 A HAPPY ROCKIN' NEW YEAR 2013 Updated index, neXtLive & Setlist

20120924 Updated HOTLINE with SHEENA+AYUKAWA TALK LIVE & S&R Tour2012 Information
20120908 Updated HOTLINE with SHEENA's ROCK SHOP & Tour2012 Information
20120621 Updated HOTLINE + SCHEDULE with Tour2012 Poster
20120603 Updated BLUESVILLE SHIBUYA for BVS#257 1978Ville
20120509 Updated UpComing Live at 0708 yokohama 7th Avenue.
20120508 Updated UpComing Live at 0706 Chiba LOOK, 0707 StarPine's Cafe & 0714 Izumo APOLLO.
20120506 Updated BLUESVILLE SHIBUYA for BVS#256 BandVille
20120420 Updated HOTLINE with [20120420 のHotNews -BARKSとMUSICMANにニュースが掲載されました]
20120418 Updated HOTLINE with Leslie Kee PhotoSession
20120410 ロケットウェブのメインテナンス終了。その案内ページをアーカイブしました。
20120330 Re-Linked Ayukawa Photo Live "KEEP ON ROLLING" photo by Kei Toris
20120330 Updated HOTLINE with News -UpComingライブ、4月1日@カイ(青山通りスパイラルB1)シーナ&ロケッツ”TheOnlyOneBand"
20120320 Updated neXt Live on 5/2 (wed) at SHELTER, Shimokitazawa
20120309 Updated totalplayList & A_2_Z_List on BLUESVILLE SHIBUYA
20120308 Updated HOTLINE with News -UpComingライブ、4月1日@カイ(青山通りスパイラルB1)シーナ&ロケッツ”TheOnlyOneBand" FLYER
20120305 Updated BLUESVILLE SHIBUYA for BVS#254 Ramblin'Ville
20120305 Updated HOTLINE with S&R フライヤー
20120226 Updated neXt Live at Aoyama CAY 0401 OnlyOneBand LIVE!! with Flyer
20120217 renewal guestbook#73 with dec.2011 posted out from guestbook
20120211 Updated setlist2012 with RedShoes 30th
20120206 Updated neXt Live at redshoes30th 20120210 Celebrate LIVE!!
20120205 setlist2012 with Nara60s @club251
20120130 HOTLINE -布谷文夫さんの追悼記事が本日の北海道新聞に掲載
20120119 HOTLINE -川嶋一秀の誕生日
20120113 UpDateLive Schedule with 0204 Nara's 60s BirthdayLIVE@ Club251

20111230 アップデート:NewYearRockFes2011, S&R Album Kollection with Ayukawa' Kompiled Great Pebbles & House Of The Blues, also BLUESVILLE SHIBUYA, too!
20110913 NEWS!!! 鮎川・シーナがDJをする、BLUESVILLE SHIBUYA は毎月 第一、第2月曜日、21時00分〜22時00分に  渋谷FMからネットでリアルタイムで聴けます
20110912 最近のHotNEWS on HOTLINE アップデート with sheena+makoto's Interview on SPUR
20110908 最近のHotNEWS on HOTLINE アップデート bout Bob Gruen's New Photobook "ROCK SEEN"
20110710 最近のHotNEWS on HOTLINE アップデート bout S&R's NewLINEUP with 奈良敏博(Bass)

20091210 最近のHotNEWS on HOTLINE アップデート bout White&BlackBOX and Sheena'sBook "youMay Dream" キャンペーン・スケジュール
20091129 最近のHotNEWS on HOTLINE アップデート bout White&BlackBOX and Sheena'sBook "youMay Dream"
20091123 シーナの バースディLIVEの写真のリンクを SET_LISTページに アップしました

20081102 NEWS!!!! 大好評の30周年記念ブックレットがAMAZONでも注文できます, More Information on JAPANIKshop
20080813 おかげさまで映画「ジャージの二人」もロードショーは快進撃中です。JA−ZI2 on Rokketweb
20080810 S&R @ WORLD HAPPINES - a Nice Pix by MAORAU
20080423 !new album JAPANIK 20080423 OUT! - PressKIT(プレスキット) -JapanikScrapPage
20080412 !4月13日(日)午後2:15からNHK 九州沖縄スペシャル「ただいま!〜鮎川誠 還暦ロックンローラーふるさとへ」-Thanks! Tetsuya Takeda
20080405 シーナ on ハイファッション 2008年4月号 -ANNA SUI X ROCK DIVA
20080401 !全国FMラジオ・ネットワークで放送中!! 鮎川とシーナの「D.N.A.〜ロックの殿堂〜 Rokket Time Radio Hour」Playlist is Updated!
20080315 analog 2008年3月15日全国一斉発売!Ueda Kyoichiro, ayukawa & Sonhouse Tape Discover!!

20070725 !!S&R's BEST of The Best "GOLDEN HITS - THE ALFA YEARS" is Released!!
20070221 !!"KINGSNAKE HIGHWAY - MAKOTO AYUKAWA EARLY WORKS 1975-1979" AYUKAWA'S PLAY from Sonhouse & Sheena & The Rokkets.

20061220 最近のHotNEWS on HOTLINE アップデート
20061220 アップデート:NewYearRockFes2007, S&R Schedule, Setlist & BLUESVILLE SHIBUYA, Mike's Rolling News of THE STONES(kopy), too!
20060908 写真家でグラフィック・デザイナーの池野徹さんの個展のお知らせPAGE With His GREAT MEMORIAL PIX OF ROKKETS ERA!!
20060823 !!Released "ROKKET FACTORY - The Worst and Rarities of Sheena & The Rokkets in Alfa Years"
20060710 最新のHotWORKS on HOTLINE アップデート、BLUESVILLE SHIBUYA, Mike's Rolling News of THE STONES(kopy), too!
20060625 最新のHotNEWS on HOTLINE アップデート、BLUESVILLE SHIBUYA, too!
20060602 鮎川誠「'60sロック自伝」 6月2日発売
20060403 Updated S&R Schedule with 5.04(Shimokita Townhall), 5.23(Osaka Quattro) & 6.10(Shinjuke LOFT)
20060322 Updated We Want Stones + S&R New Live Schedule
20060321 Link to HippyHappyHouse's "2006.3.8 Sheena & Makoto Ayukawa @"LIVE ! RESPECT STONES !!" all for the LOVE of ROLLING STONES
20060313 「最近のRokketAction」 on HOTLINE page に加筆
20060309 シーナ&ロケッツのセットリスト + シーナ&ロケッツのスケジュール
20060206 Updated Mike's Rolling News of THE STONES(kopy) - vol.19--Check and see Mick& Keith & Rolling Stones Interview for SuperBowl halftimeShow
20060128 S&R AlfaYEARS Link to Sony Music Sheena & The Rokkes Special Site
20060126 シーナ&ロケッツの連絡先
20060116 Marky Ramone Japan Tour on Rekommend page
20060114 Add NEWS with 野村ギター商会/VOL4:鮎川誠(後編) on Hotline & New S&R Schedule
20060114 NewUploaded page: 3/8 Release!! 「RESPECT THE STONES」(ジェネオンエンタテインメント/GNCL-1049)
20060113 NewUploaded S&R K-SITE for K-tai/ 携帯 / Bookmark on お気に入りへ登録をヨロシクDE! NOW!!
20060108 Updated Mike's Rolling News of THE STONES(kopy) - vol.16
20060102 put LINK to  S&R ALFA YEARS 6タイトル・紙ジャケCD・復刻・1/18 発売!!

20051213 Updated neXtLive with New Year Rock Festival#33 & NYRF#33 Special
20051130 Update Hotline.htm with 祝い! BOB GRUEN 来日!!, Bob Gruen's Tokyo Photo Exhibition
20051130 Update Hotline.htm with 祝い! CBGB 写真集 発売中!!, Cbgb And Omfug: Thirty Years From The Home Of Underground Rock
20051106 設置 - S&R ALFA YEARS 再発・質問 臨時・掲示板
20050918 Updated setlist & Mike's Rolling News of THE STONES(kopy) - vol.8 -Hurricane Aid Japan
20050906 New Update 2005LivePixPage with MELONJAM
20050905 Updated Setlist & Mike's Rolling News of THE STONES(kopy) - vol.7 -Mike's Report "A Bigger Bang" North American Tour at Boston
20050826 Update Hotline with the News 'bout "DJ Kagmi - Spark Arts"
20050825 Update Hotline with the News 'bout "Me And The Devil Blues (Take 2)" - 「俺と悪魔のブルーズ 2
20020822 Update Bluesville Shibuya #112 "200CD Rock'n Roll pt.2"
20050821 Updated Mike's Rolling News of THE STONES(kopy) - vol.6 -Stones started "A Bigger Bang" North American Tour at Boston
20050819 We Want Stones - Link to "A Bigger Bang" promo page
20050818 Add link to crazysound's Good Times Roll & cubi's CUBISMO GRAFICO on 200CD R'n'R's Feedback.
20050814 Add Link to HippyhappyHouse' S&R+Yamazen @CB Pix&Report on Setlist and 200CD
20050811 Add Link and Feedback on "200CD Rock'n'Roll - PUNK/ROCK/BLUES", add latest set on setlist, add info' on schedule.
20050807 Mike's Rolling News of THE STONES(kopy) - vol.5 -New Stones Album "A Bigger Bang"
20050805 New PROMO PAGE for Our Own Write Book "200CD Rock'n'Roll - PUNK/ROCK/BLUES"
20050727 Updated "Tour Date" page with many Flyers.
20050703 Mike's Rolling News of THE STONES(kopy) - vol. 3
20050614 Updated "We Want Stones" page
20050612 Mike's Rolling News of THE STONES(kopy) - Mike Koshitani's Mailing News Archive
20050521 Bluesville Shibuya Playlist updated with Next OnAir : KoverVille#2

20041216 S&R Area20041209 LivePhoto page
20041111 igottheblues - 博多・ブルースDJ 祝い!30年ぶりに復活
20041111 Bluesville Shibuya Playlist updated with Next OnAir : LiveLicksVille
20041110 S&R Live Setlist with Kurume X10LIVE

20041105 ROKKETRADIO [punk rock blues] - Winamp @1st. Current Playlist.
20040429 S&R Discography Page update
20040429 S&R Live Page update
20040427 Love Live - ELECTROKKETS PromoPage
20040408 rokketradio2. Bo Diddley's AllTime Special Week.its AirWave from SHOUTcast. WinAmp is must.
20040310 Bluesville Shibuya Playlist updated with Now OnAir : Mar. 8, 12 & 14 #78 GomenneVille
20040207 Bluesville Shibuya Playlist updated with Next OnAir : Feb. 8, 9 & 13 #75 Iggy - Detroit
20040131 Rekommend Page with Yamazen Live /Iggy Pop Japan tour
20040130 rokketradio. its AirWave from SHOUTcast. WinAmp is must. Current Playlist.

20030712 DreamBOX + THE GREATEST new updated
20030712 Kurume Rokkakudo Live photoPage new updated
20030605 Bluesville Shibuya page renewal with new kover
20030601 DreamRADIO Sheena & The Rokkets AirWave from SHOUTcast
20030220 Updated BluesVilleShibuya with #52 The Obscurity!

20021221 30th NewYEAR RockFES 1973-2003 Updated
20021217 Updated BluesVilleShibuya with #48 The Guitarsters are Back!!
20021026 Updated BluesVilleShibuya with #44 Rolling Stones Special!
20020125 Added Link to Joey Ramone Official for NewCD "Don't Worry About Me" (Released 18th February 2002) On Konnektion page
20020124 Updated Bluesville Shibuya #26 Playlist - Sheena +Ayukawa DJ @ ShibuyaFM
20020118 New Addition Phote&Info page ; Marky Ramone @ Tokyo with The Misfits

20011105 Updated Hot News + DJ Ayukawa playlist on Setlist2001 page + Rekommend Page + Bluesville Shibuya
20010608 Updated Sheena's Hwy61 Gallery @ Jam & Bluesville Shibuya
20010504 Updated Live Schedule with Joey Ramone Memorial 6/9 + Setlist for Touring2001
20010402 Updated Live2001 page with 4/26-5/1 BakOnMix Tour
20010324 New Updated Bluesville Shibuya - Ayukawa's DJ + Added Window Media on SoundFilez Page
20010324 Info & Link 'bout Wilko Johnson & The Pirates' New CD on Rekommend page
20010316 Updated Live2001 with 3/27 Live @ LUNErS + Lenny Kaye on Rekommend Live. It's Tonite !

Rock The RockBrand New "Rock The Rock", CD & Vinyl

最新ライブ盤 ”爆音ミックス” 2001.1.24
WebVote 何の曲が聴きたい?最終発表


12/25 woo baby! woo merry Xmas!! Updated Bak-OnMix promo page. Fixed #28 New Year Rock Fes.
11/28 New S&R Live Information on Live2000 Page with " 00/12/21(thu) @ Mother Hall - Osaka "
11/27 Updated SetLIST @ 九州大学, Wilko's Be-1, C.B.G.B japan & Osaka HeatBeat
11/20 Wilko & The Pirates @ OnAir tonite. Quick Link to Bak-On Mix a.k.a. S&R NewLiveCD
10/17 Updated SetLIST with DrumLogos Menu after 36hours Serverdown.
9/28 New uPdATED WebVote 中間発表 page
9/27 uPdATED Setlist @ Quattro - Rock The Rock Tour - Tokyo 9/25/00
9/13 Updated Live Schedule Page with upcoming Jimi Hendrix Movie & Blues event
9/7 Updated Rekommend Page with Wilko & Pirates 2000
9/2 New Updated T-shirts Shopping @ Factory. [Sheena & The Rokkets RealAudio]Sheena's Instore Live. uPdated sonhouse.com with NewCD 9/10.
8/26 uPdated SetList with Rock The Wave - Instore Live last evening
8/24 Updated many Links on Kover page & 日本語表紙
8/6 Add Komplete "Rock The Rock" Tour Schedule on Live2000 Page
8/2 Updated Setlist with FujiRock Video 56k Modem + DSL/Cable Modem
7/31 We back from FujiRock'00. Updated SetList & Live Schedule
7/24 back from Rock Monster Fes #1 down at the west coast Fukuoka. You like to see S&R setlist or hear The Radio
7/22 New Issued HotNews, Tokyo is Hot, Tonite. added Data @ Factory721 7/21
7/17 Add S&R's InStoreLive schedule 7/27@ HMV on Live2000 page
7/12 今夜 25:20‐50  「ジャングル・オブ・ラブ」がTBS系TV「極すれ2ガレッジセール」のエンディングテーマで流れます。
07/12News on HotLine & RockTheRock Page
07/08 Updated HotLine & Live Setlist with Johnny Thunders Memorial#9
07/06 HotNews issued, Johnny Thunders Memorial#9 Tomorrow, TBS -channel6 1:20-50AM's Ending Theme Check Now!
06/25 Open The ROCK THE ROCK PromoSite, hope you enjoy with Video & Audio
06/21 Add Link to Our 8/9 release New Album named RockTheRock Kount Down Page
06/19 Johnny Thunders #9 Memorial 07/07 @ Club251 on Rokket Rekommend Page
05/22 Updated 6 filez including a Setlist of 2000PorePore Concert @ Yokohama, Honmoku
05/21 Updated Live Schedule with Fuji Rock Festival '00
05/12 S&R RawVideo "LEMON TEA" 28k + 56k & "VACUUM" 28k + 56k Updated on Index + Sound Page
05/02 RealAudio Sheena & The Rokkets Live at HMV Hawks Town + Hibiya Yaon on the nite before yesterday + SetList
05/01 Updated SetList with Blues @ Hibiya Ya-on
04/29 Updated Setlist
04/24 Updated Kover page + indexjp.html
04/24 Moved Live @ Silvette Hall RealAudio Files from Top page to SHEENA & THE ROKKETS SoundFILE Archive
03/18 Updated RokketsRekommend Page with the Hot News of The Pirates Gig last month
03/15 Live @ Silvette Hall RealAudio Files on Top page and setlist page. Drummer Kaz Kawashima's 1st Live.
03/08 Up the latest Setlist of Silvette Hall @ Nakashibetsu, Brownie's & Chapotin @ Sappolo + S&R Today page
02/29 Updated KoverPage HeadLine & HotNews with The Original Drummer Kazu Kawashima Koming back for neXt Live
02/18 add link on Rokket Konnektion with fujio yamaguchi's official site and more
02/12 Added Live Schedule2000 with Brownie's 3/5 (sun), Chapotin 3/6 (mon), before Club Citta 3/11 (sat)
02/02 Updated Live Schedule 2000 & Sapporo Session 2nd Edition
02/01 New Updated Sapporo Session Internet Live Archive
01/29 Quick Updated Sapporo Bessie Hall Setlist
01/18 Updated Live2000 page and Setlist2000 with The latest tour
01/04 New Updated Sheena & The Rokkets @ NYRF 2000 Gallery
01/01 Updated Setlist2000 with 27th New Year Rock Fes 1999-2000

12/31 Add 2000 Live Schedule
12/17 New Updated New York Is Hot Tonite, Bob Gruen's PhotoMail with Ronnie Spector, Joey Ramone & Yoko Ayukawa
12/10 Updated Live1999 page with New Year Rock Fes 2000
11/19 Updated Set List Page With Tonite's Kurume City Live
11/11 Updated HotNews with greetings and MP3 Streaming of Skapara Rokkets' Live@ Blitz
10/29 New Updated 「野上眞宏の風街写真館・さてらいと・ぎゃらりー」@ RokketWeb
10/27 Updated Live Schedule and Set List of Latest Live.

9/14 Add T-Rex Memorial & 鋤田正義・T-REX写真展 on RokketsRekommend page.
9/14 Fixed Wilko Johnson's URL on Wilko page + Konnection page. Welcome Moni, the New Drummer. Savi, We love you.
9/10 Added PlayList & Video on SetList and New Photes on Tokyo is Heat Tonite page
8/28 Add Playlist @ ClubQue's Nunoya Fumio on SetList1999 page
8/22 New Updated HotNews + Live 1999 Page
8/22 New Uploaded Ayukawa New Photobook + Added some Pix on Wilko + Sheena Live Tour1999
8/15 Sheena & Makoto Live Info on LIVE 1999 Page + Rokket's Rekommends page
8/9 ReNewed Tokyo Is Hot Tonite + Rokket's Rekommends page
8/8 Add some link on Rokket Konnektion page ; Modified Live1999 page
8/1 Updated HotNews on Rokket HotLINE
7/26 Updated Setlist with Hokkaido Tour
7/22 New Uploaded Johnny Thunders Memorial on RokketGallery
7/16 Updated Setlist with Johnny Thunders Memorial @ Loft
7/11 Updated BOB GRUEN PHOTO EXHIBITION Info on Rokket's Rekommends page
7/6 ALAIN DISTER PHOTO EXHIBITION Info on Rokket's Rekommends page ; アラン・ディステール写真展 お見逃しなく!
6/16 Add Link on Wilko-Sheena Page with The Factory721 and Amazing Live Kollektion of Sheena & The Rokkets.
6/6 NewUploaded Wilko Johnson + Sheena & The Rokkets Japan Tour 1999 archive page
5/26 Add Wiko-Sheena Japan Tour Komplete Set @ Nagoya on SetList Page,
5/26 Add Wiko-Sheena Japan Tour on SetList Page, Tonite is The Last @Nagoya Quattro.
5/25 @151 New Uploaded GuestBook #16
5/10 @944 5/22(土)フジテレビ Factory721 公開TVライブ参加申し込みリンク on Live1999 Page
5/10 @933 Add Yokohama @WakeUP Live on Setlist
4/21 @556 Modified Rekommend Page with welkome Spencer Davis Group ! rockin' @ Tokyo
4/20 @917 New Uploaded We met Peter Green Photo Gallery
4/20 @917 Updated HotNews, Konnektion (Link), Rekommend Page and Live Schedule.
3/26 @944 Updated 20 years Rockin' Gallery Page with Sheena + Yoko Photo
3/24 @873 Updated Rokkets' Rekommends Page and konnektion page
3/23 @777 New uploaded "Wilko Johnson - Going Back Home" Page
3/21 @872 Cut Guestbook #14 off from The RokketWEB GuestBOOK
3/21 @832 Modified Wilko Johnson Page with Japan Tour Schedule
3/20 @777 Modified konnektion page with Link Wray Link and R.I.P. The Urban Blues King, Lowell Fulson Link.
3/19/99 @514 Updated Hot News + New Uploaded Rokkets' Rekommends Page
3/17/99 @369 Updated Shinjyuku LOFT SetList and Tour Schedule with Wilko Johnson
3/16/99 @780 Updated Hot News, We'll see you today @ Shinjyuku Loft Last Day
3/9/99 @967 Add "TORAME 能城 順一氏からのメッセージ" on Live1999 Page
3/6/99 @283 HotNews is about A Movie "Baby-Baby"
3/2/99 @918 Add S&R Live Reputation Page ,加古川ライブの評判ページ
2/27/99 @886 HotNews 'bout Ronnie Spector
2/20 Added on Hot News and 1999 Live schedule with new information. ホットニュースライブ・スケジュール
2/16/99 New Uploaded AMD Awards'98 Report and Conglatulatory Mails Archive, Thanks for HHH and The Members.
2/13/99 HotNews is about Ronnie Spector and Yamaken Mail and AMD Awards'98
2/2/99 New Uploaded S&R MP3 Site
1/29/99 Hot News is about The Animals @ Sweet Basil 139
1/27/99 Setlist @ Chicken George, Kobe
1/24/99 Setlist @ Jirokiti "Klick The Rock" Session
1/23/99 Guestbook #12 New Uploaded
1/19/99 Hot HotNews !!
1/18/99 RokketWeb is Kompletely Back! Archived as "RokketWeb was On The Restoration" in Phote Page.
1/17/99 Updated Hot News, RokketWEB is still on the restoration
1/12/99 Add New Pix on Live @ Beggers, New Uploaded LIVE 1999 @ ClubQue
1/10/99 Korrect the Data on LIVE 1999, Sheena & Makoto @ Kyoto 1/25, Kobe 1/26 with The KobeSET

12/30/98 New Uploaded Sheena's 20th Special Party @ Beggers, 12/29/1998 Photo Page
12/30/98 Updated Setlist for The Latest Tour
12/22/98 HotNEWS for Sheena's @ 12/23 Club251 and Setlist for 12/21 @ Shinjyuku LOFT
12/19/98 New UpLoaded Gogai Issue ; Keith & Ronnie & Joey @ Dec. 16, 1998
12/19/98 Updated SetList for Kyoto, HotNews and Schedule
12/15/98 UpDated
12/9/98 UpDated Hotnews on HotLine Page
12/9/98 New Uploaded "Fuji Rock Fes '98 Live CD" Page ;フジロック・フェス '98のライブCDが出ています
12/7/98 Add New Info' on neXtLIVE Page ;スケジュール・ページに情報追加
12/6/98 #26 Asakusa New Year Rock Fes ;今年の浅草ニューイヤー・ロックフェス1998-1999
12/6/98 New Uploaded "Beatle Soul" Page. Just for Fun
12/6/98 New Link to "YobeCOM" is just raunched !! ;祝い開店 鮎川陽子の"ヨーベ・コム"
11/23/98 New Link to Official S&R Fanclub "Hippy Happy House" is just raunched !! ;祝い開店 "ヒッピー・ハッピー・ハウス"
11/17/98 Add New PhotoPage of Sheena, Makoto & Sonhouse on 20 Years Rockin' Gallery
10/31/98 Added New BlackBOX Data + Mr. Shinoyama's Fine Art on Sonhouse.com
10/4/98 HotNEWS, NextLIVE Updated
9/25/98 New Up 20 イヤーズ・ロッキン  20 YEARS ROCKIN' GALLERY
9/25/98 Sonhouse Box Set Just Released and Live Informations
9/14/98 Peace Beat Club '98 Info on NeXtLive Page
9/12/98 Updates + NewPage
98/6/17 UpDATED on HotNEWS and fixed some of KonnektionPAGE
98/6/14 Add Pix on Joey Ramon Party & S&R's LivePIX page
98/6/3 New Uploaded Takada Wataru [高田渡]Page

98/6/ 最近の更新 recently updated
98/4/27 update setlist page with sheena and makoto & kobe set @ chicken george 4/23
98/4/21 updated S&R's Okinawa schedule confirmed on 20th anniversary tour page
98/4/16 updated bob gruen homepage order his new rolling stones photobook "crossfire hurricane" by online
98/4/4 new uploaded s&r's next live page; Bir-B-Q party @ club Que, 5/2 (sat)
98/4/4 new uploaded sheena and makoto one night stand in kobe, 4/23 (thu)
98/3/ 最近の更新 recently updated
98/3/13 new uploaded bob gruen homepage check his new rolling stones photobook "crossfire hurricane"
98/2/28 海外アナログ盤「シーナ・アンド・ザ・ロケッツ イン U.S.A.」が初のデジタル化、発売されました。
98/2/24 newadded sonhouse @ loft picture page
98/2/23 new added sonhouse @ loft review page
98/2/3 シーナ&ロケッツ3/2 緊急決定!! のページをアップ&リンク
98/2/1 今、サンハウスのシークレット・ライブ 2・22@lロフトの切符はロケットウェブからEメールで、限定、先行予約できます。
98/1/30 Added SonHOUSE SecretLIVE Information Page & Link
98/1/24 ロケットウェブに専用のサーチエンジンがつきました
98/1/18 シーナ&ロケッツの全アルバムに歌詞のリンクが完成しました
98/1/18 Cut HeadLINE "Ayukawa with HoToKe played the Little Richard @ JiRoKiTi, OtherNITE! Thanks! "
98/1/7 Added S&R's History text on SHEENA & THE ROKKETS, TODAY Page
98/1/1 日本語の表紙のページを追加しました
98/1/1 A Happy New Year KoverPAGE Renewal

97/12/26 Add NewSTUFF on LivePIX + SetLIST Page 'bout S&R's XmasLIVE
97/12/21 Put some HotNEWS and Links on HotLINE Page
97/12/19(12/18 @ US time) Happy BirthDAY Keith and Sam Andrew (Big Brother and the Holding Company)!!!
97/12/17 Add Muddy + Mako Photo on Muddy Waters Page
97/12/17 Add This year's LineUP on 25th New year RockFES
97/12/14 We're ready to Rock @ BeerDOME, Naha, OKINAWA
97/12/10 We're ready to Rock @ YamakenJAM
97/12/08 @ John Lennon Remembered
97/12/08 UpDATED Almost Komplete Rolling Stones Data @ "We Want Stones" Page.
97/12/04 UpDATED Latest LivePIX Kollection with SHEENA'S BirthdayPARTY, Thanks Karimero for Pix.
97/11/26 Mr.Hirose@Fast-Studio helped to fix the GuestBOOK, Now It's AllRIGHT.
97/11/23 Add Rockin' @Xmas Eve PosterPAGE for Live@LOFT 12/24
97/11/23 Changed KoverPAGE for Sheena's BirthDAY
97/11/22 Added JapanesPAGE Link on RokketSIZED Biography Page, Still on the Konstruction.
97/11/21 Put GuestBAND Link for SHEENA'S BirthdayPARTY @ Loft on 11/23
97/11/12 New UpLOADED Sheena & The Rokkets @ RadioSTATION ; シーナと誠のDJ、オン・エアー中
97/11/10 New UpLOADED Latest LivePIX Kollection ; 最近のライブのギャラリーです
97/11/10 New UpLOADED S&R @ LiquiROOM ArchivePAGE ; ニッケイ・ネットで掲載されていたレポートの保存版です
97/11/8 Added some Liryics on RokketKOLLECTION Page ; S&R のアルバムに歌詞のリンクをはる作業中です

97/11/8 Adding Sheena & the Rokkets' Live Set List ; 松田優作 追悼ライブ 演奏曲目を追加
97/11/6 ReNEWED on 19th Anniversary Poster
97/10/22 Added RealAUDIO File, Live @UZU with Fujio ; 山口冨士夫 飛び入り オーディオ・ファイル
97/10/05 Added New PosterGRAPHIC @UZU LivePAGE
97/10/04 NewUpLOAD S&R's 19th AnniversaryTOUR Page
97/09/26 New UpLoad A-Night @ Chicago Page
97/09/21 New UpLOAD S&R's LiquidROOM @HEART Live Report
97/09/16 Removed HeadLINE ;Talks'BOUT InternetLIVE on News@TBS-TV 5:55PM, Today
97/09/14 Removed HeadLINE ;KBC-TV "Duomo" from Hakata 8/18
97/09/01 Removed HeadLINE ; LiVE @Shinjuke, LiveQuakeAID '97, Tonite!!
97/8/20 UpDATED We Want Stones @ Page
97/8/19 removed HeadLINE Sheena+Makoto is on KBC-TV "Duomo", 11:55pm ToNITE!! 8/18 (Mon)
97/8/18 removed HeadLINE "Ayukawa with Todd Rundgren's InternetNITE @ClubASIA, on 8/15 (Fri)"
97/8/16 New Add "We want Stones"Page Linked on HAVE ROCK WILL TRAVEL
97/8/14 New Add "What was the First Rock'n'Roll Record" Page as R'n'R DataBASE.
97/8/13 New Add InternetLIVE Archive Page Including RealVIDEO & Reputations!!
97/8/2 Moved - We're on the RADIO:AllNiteNIPPON@Hirano Tomoyasu on 8/1 MidNITE
97/7/12 Cut and Moved Here from The KoverPAGE

Hwy61Gallery, It's a Rough and Rocky RoadSTORY Page
Kinky Koh's JukeRECORDS WebSITE is just started off!!
"Dos/V Blues" is back on BookSHOP!! Ayukawa+Yamakawa's DOS/V vs MAC
BluesQUEST from Asahi Internet Caster, #6 UpDATE

97/07/06 TowerRECORDS-@TOWER.JP- A Newest OnLINE RecordSHOP.You can order S&R's @HEART!!!
97/06/22 Added RealAUDIO Files of S&R's USA (A&M)versions on KoverPAGE
97/06/12 NewADDED Promo.htm for RecordingDATA on @HeartPAGE
97/06/12 UpDATED Index.html, Hotline.htm, Setlist.htm, Kollect.htm, Kollect3.htm.
97/06/10 Add someNEWS on HotLINE Page
97/06/09 Set RealAudioSTREAM. ThanksA-LOT to Mr.Keisuke Takahashi
97/05/18 ReNEWED Top10NEWS@HotLinePAGE
97/05/17 UpDATED Sheena & the Rokkets@heart, A New CD-EXTRA.
97/05/17 UpDATED Hwy61GALLERY
97/04/14 UpDATED BluesQUEST with #4 Story & #5Link
97/04/14 Added Beale Street Music Fest'97 (Memphis in May) on KonnectionPAGE
97/04/04 Added NewOrleansJazzFest'97 on KonnectionPAGE (U-No Where it's AT)
97/03/31 Added NewTEXT on BluesQUEST
97/03/31 Added NewLINKS on RokketKONNECTION
97/03/12 Ayukawa+Yamakawa's DOS/V vs MAC
97/03/11 Sheena & the Rokkets's BluesQUEST from Asahi Internet Caster
97/03/01 WelKome CHUCK BERRY
97/03/01 Kazumi Watanabe got a Brand New Adress
97/02/02 A BrandNEW Page as "HAVE ROCK WILL TRAVEL" for Koncentrated R'n'R DataBASE.
97/02/02 UpDATE HotNEWS and KonnectionPAGE with SonHOUSE's NewURL and More.
97/01/25 AddLINKS 'bout Sheena & the Rokkets on BluesPEOPLE Web
97/01/25 AddLINKS Makoto Ayukawa Interview on 3rdROCK WebZINE
97/01/25 AddLINKS Sheena is on Bruce Osborn's "OYAKO", the Party!!, Now.
97/01/25 AddLINKS "Bye-Bye BO DIDDLEY ,Tokyo. Thanks for Rock'n'Roll !!!. "
97/01/25 AddLINKS HarryHOSONO's DaisyWORLD is just stared off!!
97/01/25 AddLINKS "Wel-KOME to Japan!! Junior Wells , Bob Dylan, Chuck Berry".
97/01/19 ReMAKE AM's InterVIEW Pages 'bout 7 Greats Plus.
|Wilko Johnson |Muddy Waters | Iggy Pop | Eddie Taylor |Albert King |Blues Brothers |Mick Jaggar |
97/01/19 +Data on "MakotoAYUKAWA Talks 'bout Robert Johnson" for New Rudie's Club Vol.14
1/9 Added "Dos/V MegaREVIEW" on Dos/V BluesPAGE. It's A-FeedBACK from WebFRIENDS.
1/9. Added NewLINKS on Rokket KonnectionPAGE. Visit Smash onLINE, Don't miss the Patti Smith!!

12/28. Added KompleteDATA on NewYEAR RockFES 1973-1997 . It's A-Living History of JapaneseROCK.
12/21. Added NewDATA on NewYEAR RockFES 1973-1997 . It's A-Living History of JapaneseROCK.
12/13. ReNewed SoundKLIP Page as ROKKETWEB MUSIC MAP .
12/12. Added New TrueSPEECH MusicFile on KOVER PAGE. Easy and ROKKET start MusicPLAY.
12/10. Added Some New LINKS on ROKKET KONNECTION Page.
11/27. UpDated New for DOS/V LINK IndeX at AM's DOS/V BLUES Page.
11/27. UpDated New for DOS/V LINK JapaneseIndeX at IndexLink Page.
11/25. Shared LINK to Lisaのだぼら放送局 You'd Better Check the New Book named "M PaSo"
11/25. ROKKET WEB Shared LINK to BluesBoy's 『ブルース・ピーポ BluesPEOPLE
11/20. UpDated ROKKET FAM Page at Sex Pistols' BackStage.
11/20. Added S&R's Latest Info 'bout neXt LIVE 最新ライブニュース
11/20. Added someMore Data on Asakusa NewYearRockFestival 今年も浅草ニューイヤーロックフェスやる。
11/17. Added S&R's Latest Favorite HotLinks on ROKKET KONNECTION
|SkyDog|The Dispensary |BLANK GENERATION WEB |BLUES GINZA |岡本おさみの作詞工房 |
11/4. Added S&R's Latest Live on SET LIST
10/16. Added LINK to HaKaTa's BELO CITY Konglatuations!!Let's Have A LooK!! S&R Pages on it.
10/15. Added LINK to 山川健一家頁 Konglatuations!!YAMAKEN.KOM.
10/2. Added S&R's Latest Live on SET LIST with LOLLIPOP.Gif.File(Big Size,Beware!!)
9/29. Added S&R's Latest Live on SET LIST
9/27. Added S&R's Latest Live on SET LIST
9/21. Added S&R's Latest Live on SET LIST
9/12. Added KeySite_Link Index on DOS/V BLUES
9/7. Added some "Great Rockin' Root Links" on ROKKET KONNECTION I need more Space and Time!!
8/27. ReNewed Sound Klips with RealAudio Plus
8/24. Updated ROKKET WEBlues INDEX will never last
8/17. Updated Makoto Ayukawa's DOS/V BLUES
8/16. Updated Windows95.kom
8/10. Added Rolling Stoned Sheena + Makoto on ROKKET ARCHIVES
8/10. Mail to Home of the Beat at Kinky Koh's JUKE RECORDS
8/8. Updated The latest Jirokichi Live SET LIST
7/21. Updated Duomo's "歓迎!鮎川誠御一行様" on ROKKET ARCHIVES
7/19. Added AM's HAKATA Road story All Through The City!!
7/9. Updated Imawano Kiyoshiro Live and Backstage on Tokyo is Hot, Tonite
7/9. Added A Little Shock Wave on SOUND KLIPS INDEX PAGE
7/7. Added DESKTOP'S SNAPSHOT is just a waste of your time.
7/5. Added YOUR RECOMMEND SOUND is Music Lover's Interactive Page by Brother BOOSUKA NAKATANI.
7/1. Added Yahoo!! Japan/ Kool_LinksThanks for pick Us Up!!!
6/29. Added The Uptown Horns from Bob Funk's Mail.
6/9. Added Catcher in the WEB AYUKAWA's WEB DJ on J-ROCK Magazine.
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5/19 Added Johnny "guitar" Watson R.I.P Page.

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