I'm crazy for my black'69 and beautiful black lab named Roxette

ROXETTE, THE BEAUTY CHAMP LABRADORETTEKlick to hear Howling Roxette (RealAudio28.8/18k)

SERIAL # 907200 Howling Black'69(RealAudio28.8/69k) at "BLACK SNAKE" from Album"ROKKET SIZE"
I'm playing a Gibson Les Paul custum '69 as my Main guitar For 25 years. She's so tough and sound is better, louder and clearer, year by year. She knows all the rockin' place and knows how to rock. by other word, she's the one, she is the Rock. I love the Rock. R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

The first time I met Roxette was summer of 1994 at Mutsugoro's Animal Kingdom in Hokkaido, she was 2month puppy, I was on the way back Tokyo with Sheena and the boys in the band from a some kind of Super Rock Fes in Bekkai-tyou, where i happened to see my old band friend. I didn't know he is working sa a second chief of Mutsugoro's, and he invited us to the "TV-famouse" kingdom. Sheena and I love animals, so does my baby daughter Tee-tee, too. ....continue .. The story how I love my 1 years and a half old black female labrador retriever... to be Kontinued.

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The best family dog is LABRADOR RETRIEVER

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