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SomeKINDA Heroes

Ayukawa Makoto Talks 'bout 7Greats of ROCKS
Wilko Johnson
Muddy Waters
Iggy Pop
Eddie Taylor
Albert King
Blues Brothers
Mick Jaggar

+Talkin' 'bout Robert Johnson for New Rudie's Club Vol.14
+ SexPISTOLS @ BackSTAGE with RokketFAM
+ WelKOME to Japan Chuck Berry /March 14, 1997 Report !!

+ Joey Ramone's Birthday Party may, 18th, 1998
+Keith & Ronnie & Joey @ Dec. 16, 1998
+Big LUV For Ronnie Spector March 1999

SomeMORE Pages on Rokketweb

Hwy61Gallery 1997, It's a Rough and Rocky RoadSTORY Page
Log @ S&R's Internet Live from Harajyuku, Tokyo. 8/5/97
S & R's @heart Live PhotoREVIEW 1997
Sheena + Makoto're back from Chicago @ Stones. PictureREPORT 1997.
The Place was packed, Thanks!! photo & data SonHOUSE @ Loft 2/22/98
S&R was a part of Fuji Rock Fes 1998
Wilko Johnson + Sheena & The Rokkets Japan Tour 1999 Report
30th NewYEAR RockFES 1973-2003 Find Your Favorites in the List of All The Japanese RockBANDS
RokketREKOMMENDS - A Pickin' up Rockin' Information
S&R #15 CD - 最新ライブ&ベスト盤 ”爆音ミックス” 2001.1.24
WebVote - 何の曲が聴きたい?最終発表

Rokketweb Headline Archive

Kinky Koh's JukeRECORDS WebSITE is just started off!! is raunched. That's the Band We're kome from.
"Dos/V Blues" is back on BookSHOP!! Ayukawa+Yamakawa's DOS/V vs MAC
BluesQUEST from Asahi Internet Caster, #6 UpDATE

S&R was to jam with Southern Culture on the Skids @Fuji Rock Festival on 7/27/97
+Sheena's InterVIEW @ BeroCITY with HakataROCK
+ a Very Long InterviewPAGE @ City_Jyoho_FUKUOKA
+ Sheena and Makoto's Radio@Heart, OnAIR, Now 1997
+ DOS/V BLUES become PaperBACK size @ BookSHOP
+ S&R's NewYEAR GreetingCARD Kinga Rockin' SHIN-NEN 1998
+ 20 Years Anniversary Limited T-shirts
+ 22 YEARS ROCKIN' Gallery 1978 - 2001
+ GoodBye! The Animals. Thanks for great Rock'n'Roll!! feb, 1999

+ [Ronnie, Joey and Yoko] Yoko's New York Is Hot, Tonite
+ [Keep On Rolling by Y. Torisu] Ayukawa Photobook
+ A Happy Rockin' 2000 Year !! Super Session @ BessieHall
+ @2000 NYRF New Year Rock Fes 2000 Gallery

+ Wilko & Pirates 2000
+ [Sheena & The Rokkets RealAudio] The Monster Radio from Rock Monster Fes 2000/7/22(sat)

Thanks for webvote Request for Bak-on Mix, report is here.
Fuji RockFes'00 video 56k - DSL/Cable
[Sheena & The Rokkets RealAudio]Sheena's InstoreLIVE Radio.
Thank you all @ Honmoku polepole Concert2001 5/20
Setlist @ Kakogawa, Hiroshima, Kurashiki, Miyazu & Kuse 4/26-5/1
+ Wilko & Pirates NewCD
Ayukawa on Topix of "Tyurasan "

Joey Ramone we love you forever. R.I.P.
John Lee Hooker 1917.8.22 - 2001.6.21

Sheena & Bo Diddley & Makoto Ayukawa at Bob Gruen's Photo Of The Day! archived
Mo' Photos with Bo !! by Dabby Hastings Thanks!
S&R Video Archives 2001
Bo, Wilko & Dee Dee Ramone 2001
+ Sheena's Hwy61 Gallery@Jam, June 1 - July 31, 2001
Thanks for Sheena 23rd birthday party2001 - many many happy s

A Happy Rockin' New Year 2003
2003.1.1 index
at new year's morning - pix by junko ayukawa

on Going RadioProgram "Bluesville Shibuya" @SHIBUYA- FM(78.4MHz)Every Other Monday / Fukuoka-Tenjin freewave(77.7MHz)EveryOtherSunday
Marky Ramone2002
Thank you, Dee Dee, you're very wonderful. Dee Dee Ramone (09/18/1952 - 06/05/2002) R.I.P.
R.I.P. JOE STRUMMER 1952-2002 A Great British Rocker
Thanks! FujiRock, (see pix, Thanks Bob Gruen,) Thanks! Rising Sun
Back In The Rock City Fukuoka2003 (Press Kopy)
Sonhouse New x2CD & DVD - igottheblues
Ayukawa Photo Live "KEEP ON ROLLING" photo by Kei Toris -New Release in August 25, 1999


Rock The Rock New Album 2000 Rock The Rock Is Now @ Store.
Sheena & the Rokkets in U.S.A. CD,
Attention please! SONHOUSE BOXSET Release on 9/23/98
WatchOUT! Sheena!! Internet Kiss, The RealVIDEO Clip
our 1997 30cmLP + CD-Extra "@HEART" is @STORE
+ @ LiquidROOM with HoSoNo HaRuOMi
Bob Gruen's old homepage, Wilko Johnson, WelKOME to Tokyo 2006! We want Stones page.


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