Record Labels

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100% Pure Records
Specialty: techno

21st Circuitry
Specialties: gothic, industrial, techno

20Hz Records
Specialty: dance

44 Caliber Records
Specialty: Detroit punk

550 Music (see Sony Music)


A&M Records (see PolyGram Records)
AD Music
Specialty: electronic

A.M.I Records
APB Records
A.R.K Distrubution
ASAP Records
AVI Entertainment Group
AArising Records
Specialty: Asian American talent

About Time Music Company
Specialty: acoustic

Accurate Records
Acidsoxx Musick
Acorn Music
Acoustic Disc

Specialty: acoustic

After Midnight Records (see Outland Records)

Specialty: dance

Agnas Musicproduction Co.
Alchemy Records
AlgoRhythm Music
Allegro Records
Almo Sounds
AlternaKids Records
Alternative Tentacles
Alternet Sonic Realities
Amanita Music

Specialty: psychedelic

American Gramaphone Records
American Music Records (Jazzology Records)

Specialty: authentic New Orleans jazz

American Recordings
Amöebenklang (in German)
Amphetamine Reptile Records
Angel Angst Records
Specialty: punk

Angel Dust Records
Angel Thorne Music
Anok & Peace
Apparition Music
AppolloEarbone Music Enterprises
Arbors Records
Specialty: classical jazz

Area 51 Records

Specialties: electronic, experimental

Aron Records
Artifact Music
Arts Industria

Specialty: electronic

Ash International
Atlantic Records

Specialty: new and developmental artists

Atomic Theory Records
Audiophile Records (Jazzology Records)

Specialty: classical American popular songs/composers

Aureus Records
Avalanche Records
Awareness Records
Axiom/Laswell Music

Specialties: ambient, funk, noise, trance


BMG Bertelsmann Music Group
BMG Classic Taiwan
BOMP! Records
BYO Records
Backburner Records
Bad Habits Music
Bad Taste Ltd.
Badcat Records
Bar-Do Records
Batish Records
Specialty: Indian

Beam Me Up!

Specialty: techno

Beat Butchers
Beatservice Records
Bedazzled Records
Bellissima Records
Beyond Records
Big Bro Records
Big City Entertainment
Big Home Productions
Big Marble Foot Records
Big Mo Records
Big Round Records
Big Shot Records
Birdnest Records
Birdwell International Music
Black Boot Records
Black Rock Coalition

Black Swan Records (Jazzology Records)
Specialty: re-issue of Paramount recordings

Black Wolf Records
Blackhorse Entertainment
Blacklist Records
Blatent Records
Blind Pig Records
Blue Rose Record Company
BlueGoat Records
Blunt Recordings Groups
Bluurg Records
Bogus Records
Bonaire Records
Bone Up Records
Bong Load Records
Boston Skyline Records
Boulevard Records
Bouncing Buddha Productions
Bouncing Hamster Record Compant
Boy's Life Records
Bridger Records
Broken Records Information
Bulb Records
Burning Heart Records
Byte Records


C&D Records
Specialty: rock and roll

C/Z Records
CMS Music

Specialties: music for meditation and massage

Cage 49 Record Company
Capitol Records
Capricorn Records
Carving Knife Records

Specialty: punk

Caulfield Records
Celestial Harmonies (Japanese version)
Cexton Records

Specialty: jazz

Changing Tones Records
Channel 83 Records
Charnel Music
Chemo Records

Specialties: trance, hard-trance

Cherry Red
Chesky Records

China Records
Choke, Inc.
City of Tribes Communications
Classified Records
Clean Records
Specialties: ambient, goth, industrial, punk
Coconut Grove Records
Columbia Records (see Sony Music)
Combs Music
Compass Records
Specialties: acoustic, folk, singer/songwriter, world

Complete Music Ltd.
Coolman Records
Crash Landing Productions
Creation Record
Crosscut Recordings
Curb Records
Curve of the Earth
Cyber Records


DAG Music Fellowship
DBK Records
Specialties: R&B, rap, reggae

DaCapo Jazz/Blues Catalog
Daemon Records
Dance Arena Productions

Specialty: techno

Datolite Records
Death Row Records
Deutsche Grammophon (see PolyGram Records)
DefJam Music Group

Specialty: rap

Del-Fi Records

Specialties: big band, jazz, pop, rock, surf, vintage

Delmore Recordings
Delos International

Specialties: classical, instumental

Deviate Records
Specialty: techno

Dischord Records
Discovery Records

Specialties: rock, blues, althernative

Dive Records
Dom America
Don't Records

Specialty: indie label

Double Density
Double Happiness Records
Dr. Strange Records
Dream Company, The

Specialties: psychedelic, reggae, rock

Drome Enterprise

Specialty: techno

Dutch Audio Productions

Specialty: techno


E-lan Records
ECM Records
Specialties: instrument, jazz, classical

EMI Records
ESD Records
East Side Digital Music
Eat Me Recordings
Echo Lake Records

Specialty: heart and soul

Eevo Lute Muzique

Specialty: techno

eggBERT Records
el Records
Elektra Entertainment Group

Ellesdesia Records
Specialty: techno

Endorphine Factory
Enemy Records
Entertainment Network
Epic Germany

Specialty: german groups

Error Records

Specialty: japanese folk

Ether Records
Etiquette Records
Euphoria World Wide Music
Expansion Records
Eye-Q Records


Fahrenheit Records
Specialty: jazz

Fang's Frog Records
Fish Of Death Records

Specialties: all styles

Fog City Records

Specialty: funk/acid jazz

Force Majeure
Found Dog Records

Specialties: pop, folk, jazz, blues, country

Freedom Records
Specialties: country, rock and roll

Freestyle Records
Frequent Frenzy Recordings

Specialty: free style

Fresh Fruit Records

Specialty: gay & lesbian culture

Funnel Cakes and Guidance Office Records
Furnace Records

Specialty: electro-industrial music


GHB Records (see Jazzology Records)
Specialty: New Orleans style jazz

GRP Records
Galivant Medic
Geffen/DGC Records
gentle giant records

Specialties: experimental/noise/avant garde music

Get Hip Records

Specialties: rock and roll, psych, garage, punk

Gleet and Gumma Records
Globe Records

Specialties: blues, jazz, rock, folk, acoustics, country

Go! Discs
Go Kart Records
Gotee Records House of Insomnia
Gourd Music
Specialty: acoustic music

Grand Royal

Specialties: alternative rock, rap

Green Monkey Records
Greensleeves Records
Grey Dot Records
Griffin Music

Specialty: classic rock, heavy metal, classical, soundtracks


HNH International Limited
Hammerhead Records
Hands On Music, Inc.
Specialty: for automobile audio systems

Harbor Records

Specialties: country/blues, folk, instrumental, William Strickland

Harbourtown Records

Specialty: jazz

Heads Up International. Ltd
Hearts of Space Records

Specialty: spacemusic

Hell Yeah! Records

Specialty: punk

Heyday Records
Hi-Bias Records Inc.
Hibiscus Records
Specialty: Afro-Carribean

Higher Octave Music

Specialites: instrumental, new age, world

"Highest Praise" Productions

Specialty: Christian

Hollywood Records
Hotshot Records
House of Blues Music Co.

Specialty: blues

Humble Records

Specialty: electronic


ID&T Records
Iconoclastic Pop Records
Imp Records
Ionic Entertainment
Irdial Discs
Island Records
IWanna Records


Jazz Inspiration Records
Specialty: jazz

Jazz International Records

Specialty: easy-listening jazz

Jazz Focus Records

Specialty: contemporary jazz artists

Jazzology Records
Specialty: Chicago style traditional jazz

Justice Records


K Records
Kado Records
Kathode Ray Music
Kereshmeh Records
Specialty: Persian

King Records
Specialty: punk-rock

Knitting Factory
Kult Hardware (see Kult Records)
Kult Records


LandPhil Records
Last Resort Records
Lethal Records
Specialties: punk, skate, surf

Little Dog Records

Specialty: emerging singer/songwriters

Loaf Records

Specialty: classical

Lotuspool Records
Lucid Recordings (see Mazzo)

Specialty: electronic dance

Luminous Flux Records
Lyrichord Dics


M-Track (see Mazzo)
Specialty: dancefloor oriented

MCA Records
MFF Records

Specialty: dance

MGV Records

Specialty: Swedish rock


Specialties: experimental/industrial

MNW Records Group
MNW Zone
MZEE Records
Magic Island
Magic Records
Malaco Records
Mammoth Records
Marathon Records
Marilyn Records

Specialty: underground dance

Mellow Records

Specialty: progressive rock

Mercury Records
meta-lingo productions
Metropolis Records
Midtown Records
Monkeyland Records
Monsterbit Media
Moonridge Records
Moonshine Music
Mud Records
Mute Records
Musica Obscura

Specialty: funds Public radio

Musical Productions Inc.

Specialty: latin


NESAK International
Nefer Records
Nettwerk Records
New Albion Records
NewTone Records
Specialty: techno

Nitwit Records

No Alternative Records
No-Fi Records
Noculan Records
Specialty: dance

NoizBoiz Productions
Noteworthy Records

Specialty: jazz


OBLIVION Entertainment
OM Records
October Records
OffShore Music
Specialty: jazz

omnium Recordings

Specialty: world music that rocks

or records
Specialties: ambient/industrial/experimental

Outland Records

Specialty: dance


Parasol Records
Parlophone Records
Peas Kor Records
Perfecto Records
Phillips (see PolyGram Records)
Phisst Records
PlAn-iT-X ReCorDs
Specialty: punk

Pof Music

Specialties: techno/hardhouse, trance

Polygram Records
Poor Person Productions

Specialty: psychedelic rock

Pop Gun Records
Pop Narcotic Records

Positive Beat Productions
Positive Music Records
Specialties: contemporary and mainstream jazz

PrettyBoy Records

Specialties: country, jazz, R&B

Prima Records
Prime Records

Specialty: techno

Private Music

Specialties: bluse, folk, new age, world

Progressive Records (Jazzology Records)

Specialty: modern

Pronto Records
Propulsion Records
Prospective Records
Puddle Records
Pure Records Ltd.


Q Division Records
Queenie Records


Racer Records
Reconstriction/Cargo Records
Radical Rhythms
Radikal Records
Radioactive Records
Rainy Day Records
Rainbow Connections
Rage Records
Random Sound
RAS DVA Records
Rashid Sales Co.
Ray's Music
RCA Victor
Reach Records
Reach'n Records
RecRec Music
Red Decibel
Reality Society Records
Red Decibel, Inc
Red Phraug Moderm Medium
Relentless Pursuit Records
Reprise Records
Reservoir Records
Resistance Records
Revelation Records
Rhino Records
Restless Records
Rhino Records
Rival Records
Road Cone
Roadrunner Records
Roadkill Records
Roo Art
Rockadillo Records
Rogue Records
Rotten Windmill Records
Specialty: bi-fi

Rotterdam Records
Rounder Records
Royalty Records
Rpobi Droli Records
RuffHouse Records

Specialties: alternative, rap



Sabrettes Records
Sarzo Music
Savage Republic Records and Tapes
SBS Records
Septagon Records
Sesha Press Records
Seven-O-Two Records
Seventh Wave
Specialty: instrumental

Seventh Heaven Records
Shining Star Productions
sh-mow records
Shore Line Records
Silent Records America
Silver Girl Records
Simple Machines
Sin-Drome Records
Skeptical Cat Recordings
Skintone Records
Slumberland Records
Smithsonian Products: Recordings
Soap Records

Specialty: Swedish pop

SOB Entertainment

Solo Art Records (Jazzology Records)
Specialty: piano jazz

Sonic Images

Specialties: acid jazz, ambient

Sony Music
Soul Coast Online
Southland Records (Jazzology Records)

Specialty: blues

Southern Records
Spanish Fly Records
Spyr, Inc.
Spun Records
Spur Records
Squealer Records
Standard Records
StarChild Records
Static Records
Sticky Label
Stubborn Records
Stone Tiger Records
Sub Pop Records
Submerge Records
Supernova Records
Surfdog Records
Supo Music


TVT Records
Taang Records
Tag Recordings
Tee Vee Toons
Specialty: mucic from television

Temple Records

Specialty: Scottish music

Terror Traxx
Theocratic Records

Specialty: reggae

Third Word Underground/Slimestyle Records

Specialties: in-your-face, punk, ska

Thunderbird Records
tone zone records
Toothpick-Records Imperium
Specialty: 4-track recording

Tortilla Records, LLC

Specialty: bands from US Southwest

Triloka Records/Worldly Music
Triple X Records

Specialties: alternative, reissues

Tube Alloy Recording
Tunnel Under Division
Twin/Tone Records


Specialty: techno

Ubiquity Recordings
Ultra Violet Recordings

Specialty: electronic

Undone Records
Unity Records
Specialty: club dance

Up Records
Uprising Records


Van Richter Records
V.S.O.P. Records
Verb Audio
Victrola Records
Village Pulse
Virgin Records
Virtual Records
Vox Lumina
Vision Records
Visionary Records
Vox Pop
Voxx Records
Voyage Records


Wa Nui Records
Warner Bros. Records
Warrior Records
Water Records
Waveform Records
Wax Trax
Wax Trax
Way Over There
Western World Propaganda
Whale Records
White Cliffs Media
Specialty: percussion, world

Wiiija Records
Windham Hill Records
Wingnut Records
Work Records
Specialty: techno

Wonderland Records
Wooden Records
World Domination Records

Specialty: alternative

WorldWide Music
WT Records


Specialties: acid, techno, hard-trance

Specialty: Nordic world music



Zebra Records
Zomba/Jive Records
ZoėMagik Records
Specialty: tribal trance dance
Zzaj Productions

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