Apr 28, '63   Andrew Loog Oldharn and Eric Easton see the Rolling Stones at
Richmond and sign a management deal the next day.

May, ' 63     Rolling Stones sign with Decca Records.

May 10, ' 63  First official recording session at Olympic Studios. Andrew
Oldham produced.  Tracks include "Come On," and "I Wanna Be Loved."

Jun 7, '63   "Come On"'I Wanna Be Loved" released and the Stones make their TV
debut on hank Yow Lucky Stars.

Sep 29, '63  First English tour with Everly Brothers and Bo Diddley opens at
the New Victoria. London, with 30 dates concluding on Nov 3.

Nov l, '63  "I Wanna Be Your Man"'Stoned" released.

Jan 6, ' 64  The Rolling Stones start tour, topping the bill for the first
time, with the Ronettes.

Feb 21, '64  Release "Not Fade Away"/"Little By Little."

Apr i 64     Release their first LP The .Rolling Stones.

Jun 3 -      First American tour. On June 16, they fly to Magdalen College,

Jun 20, '64  to honor an agreement booked the previous year and then
immediately resune their tour.

Jun 26, '64   Release "It's All Over Now"/"Good Times, Bad Times."

Jul 8 '64    "It's All Over Now" goes to Number One.

Sep 5 '64     British tour with Charlie and Inez Foxx until Oct 11.

Oct 20,'64    The Olympia is the band's first show in Paris and hundreds of stampeding fans
              break windows at the theater after the show. Police are called in, there are riots in
              the streets, resulting in lS0 people arrested.

Oct 23. ' 64  Stones fly to the US for 12 dates, including the Academy of Music and the d
              Sullivan Show.

Nov 13, '64   Release "Little Red Rooster"/"Off The Hook."

Dec 21, '64   Publication of pocket book Ode to a High Flying Bird by Charlie
Watts It's the story of legendary sax player Charlie "Bird" Parker and was
written in 1961.

Jan ' 65      Release of The Rolling Stones No. 2 album.

Feb 26, '65   Release of "The Last Time"/"Play With Fire."

Mar 5 -       Major European tour with the Hollies, included stops in England,
Apr 18, '65   Scandinavia, and  France.

Apr 22, '65   Fly to Montreal for Canadian and American tour.

Aug 20, '65   Release "Satisfaction"/"Spider And The Fly."

Aug 24, '65   The Rolling Stones meet with Allen Klein for the first time.

Aug 28, '65 Andrew Oldham and Allen Klein to co-manage the Rolling Stones. The
              band sign a new five-year contract with Decca.

Oct 17, ' 65  Release LP Out Of Ou Heads.

Oct 22, '65   Release "Get Off My Cloud"'The Singer Not The Song."

Oct 29, '65   Again. fly to Montreal for the fourth Canadian/American tour.

Feb 4, '66    Release "19th Nervous Breakdown"/"As Tears Go By."

Mar 26, '66   European tour begins.

Apr ' 66      Release A ftennath LP.

May 13, '66   Release "Paint lt Black"'Long While."

Jun 23, '66 Rolling Stones arrive in New York for their fifth
            American Canadian tour, which ends in Hawaii.

Sep 10 ' 66 The Rolling Stones appear on Ed Sullivan Show in New York and Ready Steady
Go in England.

Sep 23, '66 Release "Have You Seen Your Mother Baby"'Who's Driving Your Plane."

Sep 23 -    Opening of British tour at London ' s Albert Hall with reception
            afterwards. Tour Oct 9, '66 with Ike & Tina Turner and the

Nov ' 66    Release of Big Hits (High Tide And Green Grass) LP .

Jan 20, '67 Release of Between The Buttons album in America.

Jan 28, '67 Release of "Let ' s Spend The Night Together"/"Ruby Tuesday."

Mar 25 -    Opening of European tour in Oerbo, Sweden. The Stones make their
            first Apr 13, '67 visit behind the Iron Curtain when they play
            Warsaw, Poland.

Aug 18, ' 7 Release of "We Love You"/"Dandelion" -- described as a thank-you
            to fans who were loyal during their various court appearances.

Sep ' 67   The Rolling Stones announce that they have broken away from Andrew
           Oldham and will in the future produce their own records.

Dec ' 67   Release Their Satanic Majesties Request LP.

May 25, '68 Release "Jumpin' Jack Flash"/"Child Of The Moon."

Sep 1, '68  Mick begins work on his first film role in Nic Roeg's Prformance.

Dec 5, '68  The Rolling Stones hold a "beggars" banquet at Elizabethan rooms in
            London to mark the release of their LP, Beggar's Barlquet. Lord
            Harlech deputizes for Keith who is ill. They surprise guests with
            a custard pie throwing party.

Dec 12, '68 The Rolling Stones' Rocl 'N'Roll Cicus is filmed at Wembley
            studios for television. Friends include John Lennon and Yoko Ono.
            Beggar's Banquetis released.

Jun 8, '69 Brian Jones leaves the Rolling Stones. Former Yardbirds guitarist
           Mick Taylor replaces him.  Chronology 4

Jul 3 '69  Brian Jones dies at his home near Hartfield (Cotchford Farms.)

Jul 5, '69 Rolling Stones perform a free concert in London ' s Hyde Park. Mick
           Jagger reads a a poem by Shelley as a dedication to Brian and
           releases thousands of butterflies.

Jul 6, ' 69 Mick Jagger leaves for Australia to film Ned Kelly.

Jul 11, '69 Release "Honky Tonk Women"/"You Can't Always Get What You Want."

Sep '69    Release of Through The Past Darkly album.

Oct 17, '69 The Rolling Stones arrive in Los Angeles to set up their sixth
            American tour.

Nov 7, '69 Stones begin their U.S. tour.

Jan '70   Release of Let It Bleed LP.

Jul 28, '70 Premiere of Ned Kelly in Glenrowan, Melbourne, Australia (near where the real
Ned Kelly used to live.)

Jul 30, '70 The Rolling Stones inform Allen Klein that neither he nor ABKCO
            Industries Inc., nor any other company have any authority to
            negotiate contracts on their behalf in the future.

Sep 19, '70 Pefformance soundtrack LP, featuring Mick Jagger, with Ry
            Cooder Randy Newman and Buffy St. Marie. Release of Get Yer Ya Yas
            Out live LP.

Nov 7, '70  Release "Memo To Turner"/"Natural Magic" -- a solo single by Mick
            Jagger from the Pefformance soundtrack.

Apr 23, '71 Release Sticky Fingers LP, the first on Rolling Stones Records.
            Cover design is by Andy Warhol. Decca releases Stone Age LP.

Jul 31, '71 Premiere of film Gimme Shelter at the Rialto Cinema in London.

Aug 20, '71 Release on Rolling Stones label of the Howlin' Wolf session in
            London, which includes Bill and Charlie.  Chronology 5

Aug 27, '71 Decca Records releases Gimme ShelterLP which is a collection of
            oldies mainly taken from live concerts.

Apr 14 '72  Release "Tumblin' Dice"/"Sweet Black Angel."

Apr 12, ' 72 Release Exile On Main Stet LP.

May 29, '72 "Brown Sugar" hits Number One on the U.S. charts.

Jun 30 - Seventh American/Canadian tour opens in Vancouver, British Columbia,
         and includes stops in San Diego, Tucson, Albuquerque, Washington,
Jul 26, '72 
DC, Montreal, and New York.

Jun 30, '72 Decca Records releases a maxi singleĐ"Street Fighting
Man"r'Surprise"'Everybody Needs Somebody To Love."

Jan 18, ' 73 LA Forum -- the Rolling Stones hold a concert in aid of the
             earthquake victims of Nicaragua.

Apr 29, ' 73 Decca releases old recording, "Sad Day."

Aug 20, ' 73 Release "Angie"/"Silver Train."

Aug 31, ' 73 Release Goat's Head Soup LP.

Sep 1 -     European tour begins at the Stadthalle, Vienna. Yuri Kurinoff, a
            representative of the Soviet Union' s Ministry of Culture, attends
Oct 19, '73 the show. Other stops include, Cologne, London. Manchester,
            Glasgow, Berne, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Gottenburg,
            Copenhagen, Rotterdam, Brussels, and Berlin.

Jan 12, '74 "Brown Sugar"/"Bitch"/"Let It Rock" released as one of 208
            Atlantic Gold Series.

Apr 14, '74 American premiere of the film Ladies and Gentlemen, 77e Rolling

Jun '74     Keith Richards collaborates with Ronnie Wood for Wood's solo LP. 
            Mick features on Billy Preston's album.

Jul 26, '74 Release of It 's Only Rock 'N'Roll LP.

Dec 14, '74 Mick Taylor announces he is leaving the Rolling Stones.

Dec 28, '74 London Records, former Stones label in the U.S., gear up sales
            drive to celebrate the band' s 1 0-year anniversary. Some 17
            Stones albums will be pushed out under the slogan "World's
            Greatest Rock'N'Roll Band -- A London Recording Where It All

Apr 14, ' 75 Mick Jagger confirms that Ron Wood will be accompanying the
            Rolling Stones when they tour North and South America.

Jun 1 -    The Rolling Stones start their Tour of the Amencas in Baton Rouge, 
           LA. Other cities they played in included Kansas City, Milwaukee, St.
Aug 2, '75 Paul,Cleveland,
           Buffalo, Toronto, New York, Philadelphia, Memphis, Dallas, Los
           Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta and

Nov ' 75   Records by the Rolling Stones, Elton John and others were burned
           after officials of a Baptist Church in Tallahassee, FL described
           the music as immoral and "appealing to the flesh."

Feb ' 76   Bill Wyman's solo LP, Stone Alone is released on Rolling Stones

Apr 20, '76 Black ard Blue album released worldwide.

Apr 20, '76 "Fool To Cry"'Crazy Mama" released.

May 1, '76 Stones tape four promo videos at Ostenhalle in Kiel: "Fool To Cry,"
           "Crazy Mama." "Hot Stuff," and "Hey Negrita."

Sep 15, '77 Love You Live is released. The cover artwork is by Andy Warhol.
            Stones celebrate launch at Trax in NYC.

Apr '78     Mick attends Reggae Sunsplash in Jamaica and signs Peter Tosh to
            Rolling Stones Records.

May 5, '78 Stones tape videos in New York for "Miss You," "Respectable," "Far
           Away Eyes."

May 10, '78 "Miss You"/"Far Away Eyes" released. Stones begin rehearsing for
            their tour, at Bearsville, in Woodstock, NY.  

Jun 1, '78 Some Girls album is released. Shortly after some of those girls on
           the LP' s cover -- Lucille Ball, Raquel Welch, and Liz Taylor --
           threaten to sue. After several months. Atlantic caves in to
           pressure and changes the cover.

Jun 10-   Stones launch tour in Lakeland, FL. On July 10, Bill Wyman falls off 
Jul 26, '78 stage in St.Paul, MN. On July 21, Linda Ronstadt is flown in by
            helicopter to their gig in Tucson.

Oct 7,'78 Stones perform three songs on Saturday Night Live. Mick is
          interviewed by Tom "Dan Aykroyd" Snyder.

Nov '78   Rolling Stones Records releases Peter Tosh' s "Don' t Look Back"
          single, which features executive producer Mick Jagger on vocals.

Nov 8, '78 Tosh' s Bush Doctor LP is released.

Nov 29, '78 "Shattered"/"Everything'sTurning To Gold" (a track which isn't on
             the LP) is released as third single from Some Girls.

Dec 12, '78 Keith's solo Christmas 45, a cover of "Run Rudolph Run," is
            rush-released. (It was recorded years earlier.)

Apr ' 79 Stones perform a benefit concert in Oshawa. Canada for the Blind. The
         New Barbarians also perform. Ronnie and Keith tour with the new

May ' 79 Ron Wood releases solo album GJinme Some Neck.

Jul ' 79 Stones begin recording in Paris.

Jul 5, '79 Peter Tosh' s "Mystic Man" released by Rolling Stones Records.

Jun 23, '80 "Emotional Rescue"r'Down In The Hole" 45 released.

Jun 26 '80 Emotional Rescue LP is released. To celebrate, Stones hold a press
           party at Danceteria in New York. When Charlie misses his plane
           from London and is unable to attend, tabloids start the latest
           break-up rumors, with headlines like "Charlie Watts: I hate

Jul 11 -   Stones videotape promos for "Emotional Rescue" and "She's So Cold" 
Jul 14, '80 in New  York.a

Sep 10, '80 "She's So Cold"'Send It To Me" 45 released.

Sep 16-     The infamous Cocksucker Blues film is shown by its director Robert
Sep 21, '80 Frank at New York's Whitney Museum. Admission is $2.00.

Oct 1, ' 80 Earl McGrath resigns as President of Rolling Stones Records.

Dec 27, '80 Mick travels to the Peruvian jungles to begin three months of
            filming itzcarraldo with director Werner Herzog. Due to other 1981
            commitments, he never completes his role.

Feb '81     Atco Records releases Rocket 8, a live album by the jazz group 
            of the same name, featuring Charlie Watts, and Stones keyboardist
            Ian Stewart.

Mar 9,'81    The greatest hits LP, Sucking In The Seventies, is released amid 
             some controversy over the title' s double entendre. Major
             retailers like Sears refuse to carry it.

Jun ' 81    Stones tape promo videos in New York for "Start Me Up," 
            "Hang Fire," and "Worried About You."

Jul 2,'81   Stones also tape video for "Waiting On A Friend" in a bar on 2nd
            Avenue and 10th Street.

Jul 3, '81   Bill Wyman releases the solo single "(Si Si) Je Sui Un Rock Star"
             on his own Ripple label (distributed by A&l). It becomes a hit in

Jul 5, ' 81  Stones hang out a window of the Taft Hotel in New York to shoot a
             video for "Neighbors."

Aug '81      Ron Wood releases the solo album, 1234, on Columbia Records.

Aug 6, '81   "Start Me Up"/"No Use In Crying" 45 released.

Aug 15, '81  Stones begin rehcarsals for tour at Longview Farm, MA.

Aug 18. ' 81 Tattoo You album is released.

Aug 26, '81 Mick heads down to Philadelphia for a press conference at JFK
            Stadium. He jokingly announces that Hoagy Carmichael will be
            opening some of their dates and some of the slightly more gullible
            members of the Press corps believe the story.

Sep 14, '81  With rehearsals complete, the Stones treat rural Massachusetts
             residents to more disarray when they play the tiny Sir Morgan's
             Cove bar in Worcester as a warm-up show for the tour.

Sep 25 -     U.S. Tour kicks off in Philadelphia' s JFK Stadium. On December 
             18, Keith's birthday celebration on stage in Harnpton Roads, VA is
Dec 19, '81  broadcast to thousands via cable TV hook-up. Hal Ashby films the 
             concert film Let's Spend The Night Together, which is released
             two years later.

Oct 2, ' 81 "Come Back Suzanne," Bill Wyman' s solo single, is released by

Nov 17, '81  Stones release "Waiting On A Friend"/"Little T&A" single.

Jan 14, '82  Bill Wyman ' s eponymous solo album is released on Ripple/A&M.

Mar 4, '82   "Neighbors"/"Hang Fire" 45 released.

Mar 5, '82   Bill Wyman releases another solo single, "A New Fashion" on

May '82      Stones rehearse at Shepperton Studios in London.

May 26 -     Stones begin European tour. They perform at three small clubs in
Jul 25, '82  Scotland, plus the 100 Club in London.

Jun 1, '82  Still Life album released.

Jun 2, '82  "Going To A Go-Go"'Beast Of Burden" (non-LP) released as European
            tour officially gets underway.

Aug 24, '82 "Time Is On My Side"/"Twenty Flight Rock" released as second
            single from "Still Life."  

Feb 11, '83 Let 's Spend The Night Togetheropens in New York just in time for
            the city' s heaviest snow storm this century.

May 5, '83 The Nightingale Fairie Tale Theater starring Mick Jagger airs on
            Showtime cable TV.

Jun ' 83    Mick, Keith and Woody put finishing touches to "Undercover" at
            Compass Point Studios in the Bahamas.

Jul 13, '83 Keith appears in a TV special honoring Jerry Lee Lewis. Little
            Richard, Mick Fleetwood, and Gary Busey also appear.

Aug ' 83    Stones sign a four-record deal with CBS Records.

Oct 18, '83 The band pack 'em in at Baines-Douches, a nightclub in Paris where
            they lip- synch the song "Undercover" for one part of their video.

Oct 26, '83 Videotaping continues in Mexico City, as Mick and Keith smash up
             a church for a scene in the "Undercover" clip, directed by Julien

Oct 31, '83 "Undercover"r'All The Way Down" single released.

Nov 7, '83  Undercoveralbum is released.

Jan 15, '84 Mick tapes a video duet with Bette Midler at Peppermint Lounge for
            hcr rendition of "Beast Of Burden."

Jan 16-     Stones back in Mexico City to shoot videos for "She Was Hot" and
Jan 25, '84 "Too Much Blood." For "She Was Hot" Bill Wyman dressed up as old
            man, and for "Too Much Blood" Keith and Woody wield chainsaws.

Jan 23, ' 84 "She Was Hot"/"Think I'm Going Mad" single released.

Apr 16, '84 Mick goes to court in New York' s Foley Square to sue Allen Klein.
            Afterwards he meets up with Michael Jackson at the Helmsley Palace

May 6 -     Mick Jagger and Michael Jackson record "State Of Shock" in
May 10, '84 New York's A&R Studio.
Jul 2, ' 84 Rewind album is released, featuring the band' s recent hits. The Stones' contractual
obligation to Atlantic is fulfilled.

Jul 5, ' 84 Keith and Woody play with Charlie Sexton in studio for a song to appear on the
Wild Life soundtrack.

Jul 16, ' 84 "Miss You"/"Too Tough" single is released to promote Rewind

Sep ' 84 Stones delay recording their first album for CBS, as Mick records his album for

Nov ' 84 Video Rewmd is released by Vestron Video, containing some of Stones greatest
video hits, strung together by new footage of Bill Wyman and Mick Jagger taped
in London's Museum of Mankind.

Feb ' 85 The Stones record Dirty Work at Paris' Pathe-Marconi Studios.

Feb 19, ' 85 Mick Jagger releases his first solo single, "Just Another Night"/"Turn The Girl
Loose" on CBS.

Feb 19, ' 85 Mick' s debut album, She's The Boss, released.

Mar 20, ' 85 Keith records a guest spot for Nona Hendryx ' s album. The Heat.

Apr 25, ' 85 Willie & The Poor Boys' self-titled album is released on Bill Wyman' s Ripple
label, featuring artists such as Jimmy Page and Paul Rodgers.

May ' 85 "Lucky In Love"/"Running Out Of Luck" released as second single from She 's
The Boss.

Jun 29, ' 85 Mick and David Bowie take just 12 hours to record their cover of "Dancing In The
Street" and then head to London ' s east end to shoot a video.

Jul 13, ' 85 A solo Mick Jagger performs at Live Aid in Philadelphia. He is joined on stage by
Tina Turner. Later that day, Keith and Ron join Bob Dylan on stage and close the
historic event.

Jul 15, ' XS In LA, Mick shoots a video for "Hard Woman." The clip is later completed with
the use of a multi-million dollar computer.
Aug 8, ' 85 Keith does guest session work with Phantom, Rocker & Slick in New York, for
song "My Mistake." He barters for a leopard-skin coat.

Oct 12, '85 Keith and Ron play acoustic guitars for Bono's version of "Silver And Gold,"
which features on the Artists United Against Apartheid LP.

Dec 12, ' 85 Ian Stewart, the legendary Sixth Stone, dies of a heart attack in London.

Jan 23, '86 Keith becomes the first ever presenter for the Rock'n'roll Hall of Farne. He rips
off his tux and hands Chuck Berry an award, with the words, "I lifted every lick he
ever played." Closing the ceremony, Keith and Woody take part in a super jam.

Feb 7, ' 86 Stones shoot a video for "Harlem Shuffle" in New York with animator Ralph

Feb 23, ' 86  The Stones play a surprise gig at the 100 Club in London. The band play about a
              dozen blues cover versions for a specially-invited audience. All present are there to
              pay tribute to the late Ian Stewart. Among the guests who find their way to the
              stage are Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Pete Townshend, Jack Bruce, and Simon Kirke
              (formally of Bad Company). The gig marks the first time the Stones have played
              together live in almost five years and it rekindles hopes of a tour in ' 86.

Feb 25, '86   At roughly 3:00 am in London's Roof Garden club, the Stones are presented
              with the Grammys' Lifetime Achievement award by Enc Clapton. The
              acceptance is beamed via satellite to the U.S. Jeff Beck, Eurythmics' Dave
              Stewart, and Keith's mum are among the small gathering in London.

Feb 26, ' 86  "Harlem Shuffle"/"Had it With You" single released. Almost a quarter century
              since their start as an R&B cover band, the Stones come full circle with their
               rendition of the Bob & Earl classic.

Mar 24, ' 86  The Dir Work album, co-produced by the Glimmer Twins and Steve
              Lillywhite, is finally released, marking the Stones' first-ever LP for CBS

May 1, ' 86   With Russell Mulcahy directing, the Stones shoot a video for "One Hit To The
              Body" at London' s Elstree Studios. Mick and Keith jokingly play up to the
              rumors of band friction by staging an on-camera scuffle during the song's guitar

May 7, ' 86 "One Hit To The Body" single released.

Jun '86 Mick's "Ruthless People," the title song for the Bette Midler/Danny DeVito film,
is released as a single by Epic Records.

Jun 25, '86 Woody and Chuck Berry perform a scheduled, full length show at New York's
Ritz. Charlie Watts, who' s in town on business, visits backstage.

Jul 7 -       Keith produces a version of "Jumpin' Jack Flash" with Aretha Franklin. It's
Jul 9, '86    recorded at Detroit's United Sound Studios for the movie Jumping JackF7ash,
              starring Whoopi Goldberg. Ronnnie and Keith also play on the track.

Jul 19, ' 86  The Charlie Watts Orchestra (no longer referred to as Big Band) play London' s
              Richmond Theater.

Sep 26, '86   Mick's long-form video, Running Out Of Luck, is finally released on CBS-Fox,
              after a one year delay.

Oct 16, '86   Keith is the musical director for Taylor Hackford's film Hail, Hail Rock'n 'Roll.
              After a week of rehearsals at Chuck Berry's house in Wentzville, MO, the concert
              is filmed at the Fox Theater in St. Louis with Chuck, Keith, Eric Clapton, Robert
              Cray, Etta James, Julian Lennon, and Linda Ronstadt. Keith is also the producer of
              the soundtrack album.

Nov 29 -      The Charlie Watts Orchestra (now 33 strong) arrives in the U.S. for a North-East
Dec 7, ' 86   tour that includes stops at Hartford, Philadelphia, New York, Boston, and Toronto.
              Backstage visitors during three-night stint at New York's Ritz include Wynton
              Marsalis, Mel Lewis, Andrew Oldham, E Street drummer Max Weinberg, Mick
              Taylor, and Keith Richards.

Dec 1, ' 86   Charlie Waffs Orchestra Live at Fulham Town Hall album released by

Jan 21, '87   Second annual Rock'N'Roll Hall of Fame ceremony takes place at the New
              York's Waldorf Astoria Hotel. Keith inducts Aretha Franklin with a wordy speech
              ("What can I say about Aretha? You're in, baby!") and then takes part in a 14-song
              all-star jam session with Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Sting, Bruce Springsteen, and
              many others.

Mar '87 Mick continues solo recordings at Right Track Studios in New York with
musicians including Jeff Beck, G.E. Smith, Dave Stewart, and The Chieftains'
Paddy Maloney, who plays bagpipes on one track.

Jul 4, ' 87 Keith does the final mix for the Hail! Hail! Rock 'n 'Roll movie soundtrack in

Jul 17, '87 In New York, Keith signs a solo deal with Virgin Records.

Jul 20, ' 87 Mick shoots a video for "Let' s Work" in New York. Zibigniew Rybczynski

Jul 27 -      Another solo Mick Jagger video, for "Say You Will," is shot in London with
Jul 28,'87    Mary Lambert directing.

Aug 15, '87   Keith begins two weeks of solo recording at Montreal's Le Studio for his first solo

Sep 1, ' 87   Mick ' s single, "Let' s Work," released by Columbia.

Sep 9, ' 87   Mick lip-synchs "Let's Work" on British TV's Top Of The Pops.

Oct ' 87      Keith' s solo recording sessions continue with Johnnie Johnson and Mick Taylor
              adding to a track.

Oct 9, ' 87   Hail! Hail! Rock 'n 'Roll opens in select theaters across U.S.

Oct 20, ' 87  Before an invited audience at the Country Club in Los Angeles, Mick shoots a
              video for the song "Throwaway" with director Mary Lambert. After the shoot,
              Mick and the band, including Jeff Beck, perform an impromptu set of about ten
              songs, including "Miss You" and Hendrix's "Foxy Lady."

Nov 3, '87    Release of "Throwaway," the second single from Mick's "Primitive Cool" album.

Nov 4 -       Ron Wood teams up with Bo Diddley for the three-week "Gunslingers" U.S. tour,
Nov 25, ' 87  starting in Columbus, Ohio and finishing at the Ritz in New York. The largest
              venue is Chicago's Riviera (2,500); the smallest is The Bayou  in Washington,
              D .C .(500).

Dec 19,'87 Woody plays two gigs with Bo Diddley to launch Ron's nightclub on Mi: ?  w lmi
Beach's Ocean Dnve, called Woody' s On The Beach.

Jan 7 -       Mick Taylor plays Woody ' s On The Beach and is joined on stage by the
Jan 8,'87     club's new proprietor.

Jan 20, '88   At the third annual Rock'N'Roll Hall of Fame ceremony, Mick inducts The
              Beatles (referring to them as "the four headed monster"), then joins a superjam
              with Dylan, Springsteen, Elton John, George Harrison, and others.

Jan 26, '88   "Say You Will," the third single from Mick's "Primitive Cool," released.

Feb '88       Mick conducts rehearsals at S.I.R. and Silvercup Studios in New York in
              preparation for his solo tour of Japan.

Mar 2 -       Ron Wood and Bo Diddley bring the Gunslingers Tour to Japan, playing clubs in
Mar 15, ' 88  Osaka, Nagoya, Tokyo, and Sapporo.

Mar 15 -      Japanese fans not yet recovered from their dose of Ron Wood (The Stones have
Mar 28, '88   never played Japan), now get a dose of Mick Jagger. His solo tour opens before
              11,000 fans at Osaka Castle Hall on March 15th. (The next night, Tina Turner
              guests on "Brown Sugar" and "It's Only Rock'N'Roll.") His band consists of
              guitarist Joe Satriani and Jimmi Ripp, bassist Doug Wimbish, and drummer (and
              future Who drummer) Simon Phillips. The tour plays two nights at Tokyo's
              50,000-capacity Korakuen Dome.

Apr 11, '88   Keith begins three weeks of solo recording at Air Studios in Montserrat.

Jun 28, '88   The Gunslingers Tour moves to Europe and plays London's Hammersmith
              Odeon, plus seven concerts in Italy, Germany, and Spain.

Aug 31, '88   Keith shoots a video for "Take It So Hard," with director Larry Williams at Ren-
              Mar Studios in L.A.

Sep 22 -      Mick's tour down under opens in Brisbane, Australia and closes in Auckland, New
Nov 5 ' 88    Zealand. Backed by the same band he took to Japan. Mick performs a three-hour
              set of 32 songs, featuring an unrecorded original of his, "What Kind Of World Is

Sep 26, ' 88 Keith Richards ' first ever solo album, TaL is Cheap, released by Virgin

Oct 8, ' 88 Keith guests on Saturday Night Live, performing two of his songs, "Take It So
Hard" and"Struggle."

Oct 24, ' 88 "Take It So Hard," is first single from Talk Is Cheap to be released.

Nov 24, ' 88 Keith ' s solo tour takes him to 12 cities for 15 shows in just over three weeks. His
back-up band, dubbed the X-Pensive Winos, consists of Steve Jordan, Charley
Drayton (alternating between bass and drums), Waddy Wachtel (guitar), Ivan
Neville (keyboards), Bobby Keys (sax), and Sarah Dash (backing vocals). The
tour kicks off at Atlanta' s Fox Theater. At the Brendan Byrne Arena in New
Jersey, legendary pianist Johnnie Johnson guests on a few songs. Then, at an
aftershow party, Virgin Records present Keith with a gold album for Talk Is Cheap
and a cake to celebrate the eve of his 45th Birthday. Keith would later receive
Pollstar's award for the Best Small Hall Tour of the Year.

Jan 18,'89 The Rolling Stones are inducted into the Rock'N'Roll Hall of Fame.

Jan 19, '89 Stones hold a band meeting in New York. Bill does not attend, although Charlie
flies in for the occasion (he missed the awards the previous night). Within days,
Mick and Keith are off to Barbados. They spend 10 days alone writing songs.

Feb 9 ' 89 Fresh from Barbados, Keith tapes a video for "Make No Mistake" at North River
Bar in lower Manhattan. Paula Greif directs.

Feb 13, '89 Mick and Keith return to the Blue Wave studio in Barbados. They're joined by
Charlie Watts a week later. In early March, Bill and Ron arrive. The five membcrs
remain in Barbados until the end of March.

May 1 5, ' 89 Stones gather at London' s Olympic Studios to begin mixing new LP.

May 31, ' 89 Keith is presented with the "Living Legend Award" at the International Rock
Awards, held at an armory in New York and broadcast live on ABC. With the X-
Pensive Winos, he performs "Whip It Up" (from "Talk Is Cheap"), then joins a
super jam with Eric Clapton, Tina Turner and others on "You Keep A- Knockin'."
Keith returns to London the next day.

Jun 16 -  Mick,K eith and Ronnie venture to Morocco to get the Master Musicians of
Jun 17, '89 Joujouka to play on the song, "Continental Drift."

Jul 11, '89 Stones conduct a press conference at Grand Central Station in New York to
announce the Steel Wheels tour.

Aug 3, '89 Stones shoot a video for "Mixed Emotions" at Wykham Rise.

Aug 12, '89 The marquee outside Toad's Place in New Haven, Connecticut reads "Rock Dance
Party with the Cruiser. "Inside the club, the Stones preview their Steel Wheels
tour for 700 people. For a $ 3.00 cover charge, those fans get to watch The Stones
run through 11 songs in 56 minutes, opening with "Start Me Up," ending with
"Jumpin' Jack Flash," with two new songs-- "Sad, Sad, Sad" and" Mixed
Emotions" -- in the middle. CBS Records President Tommy Mottola, Daryl Hall,
and Joey Ramone are some of the guests in attendance.

Aug 17, '89 "Mixed Emotions" 'Fancy Man Blues" (non - album B-side) issued as the first U.S.
single from the upcoming album.

Aug 29,'89 Steel Wheels the Stones' second album with CBS Records, is released.

Aug 31,'89 Steels Wheels North American tour 1989 opens at Veterans Stadium in
Philadelphia. It ends on December 20, after logging 60 shows in 32 cities,
including four trips across the Canadian Border.

Sep 6, '89 On video tape, the Stones appear on the MTV Video Awards, performing "Mixed
Emotions" (taped live on stage three days earlier.)

Sep 30, '89 "Rock And A Hard Place" video is shot at Foxboro-Sullivan Stadium outside

Oct 19 '89 "Rock And A Hard Place"/"Cook Cook Blues"(another non-album B-side)
released as second U.S.single from Steel Wheels.

Nov 26 ' 89 Although not on the original itinerary, the Stones play a gig at Death Valley
Stadium in Clemson, South Carolina. A portion of the proceeds are donated to
victims of Hurricane Hugo.

Dec. 2, ' 89 "Almost Hear You Sigh" video shot at Rawi Sherman Film Studio in Toronto.

Jan 22, '90 "Almost Hear You Sigh"'Break the Spell" released as third U.S. single from
Steel Wheels.

Feb 14 - First ever tour of Japan includes 10 sold out shows at Tokyo's Korakuen Dome.
Feb 27, '90

Mar 22, '90 Mick conducts a press conference at London's Tabernacle Club to announce
Stones' 1990 European Tour. It will differ from American and Japanese tours,
with a new stage and a new title, the Urban Jungle tour.

May 18, '90 Urban Jungle tour opens at Feyenoord Stadium, Rotterdam, Holland. The tour
clocks up 46 shows in 26 European cities. In Holland, "Paint It, Black" goes to
Number One on the Dutch charts as a result of being used as the theme for
Vietnam War TV show Tour of Duty.

May 30, '90 Back in the US, Fox Network broadcasts last December's Atlantic City show.
There' s also a Lk DSXpay-per-view concert with added 3-D segments.

June 6, '90 The Stones win Tour Of The Year on ABC's International Rock Awards. Charlie
is awarded MVP Drummer. The pre-taped acceptance speeches are aired, along
with a pre-taped concert performance of "It's Only Rock'N'Roll."

Jun 15, '90 In a Madrid recording studio, Keith and Charlie overdub tracks for release of
posthumous Charlie Mingus tribute album. Both play on "Oh Lord Don't Drop
That Atomic Bomb On Me." Charlie plays on "Tonight At Noon." The next day,
Mick meets Spain's president Felipe Gonzalez before the concert at Calderon

Jul 9, ' 90 Keith' s right index finger becomes inflamed after Glasgow concert and is
diagnosed as septic following hospital exam next day. The upcoming week's
shows are postponed. It' s the first time in their history that the Stones miss a show
due to a band member' s illness or injury.

Aug 24 - Urban lungle tour concludes at London's Wembley Stadium.

Nov ' 90 In London, producer Chris Kimsey begins mixing a new Stones live album.

Jan 7 -      Stones gather at London' s Hit Factory Studio to record two bonus tracks for
Jan 18, '90  upcoming live album. The lyrics to one of the songs, "Highwire," allude to the
             crises in the Persian Gulf.

Jan 29 -     Keith produces two songs at Sorcerer Sound in New York for Johnnie Johnson's
Jan 30, '91  upcoming album on Elektra.

Feb 14, '91  Mick flies to Atlanta to begin filming the movie FreeJack, in which he plays
             a 21 st Century bounty hunter. Emilio Estevez co-stars.

Mar 1, '91   "Highwire" video shot at a Brooklyn armory with Mick, Keith, Ronnie, and
             Charlie on the scene (Bill is "unable" to attend). Julien Temple directs.

Mar 4, '91   "Highwire"r'2000 Light Years From Home" ( a live version not on the album)
             released as the first U.S. single from upcoming album.

Apr 2, '91   Sony release the live album, Flshpoint. It's the Stones' third LP with Sony and
             the fifth live album of their career.

Apr 3, ' 91  Debut gig of the Charlie Watts Quintet at Ronnie Scott' s jazz club in London,
to herald the release of the Quintet's album From One Charlie... Included with
the disc is a reprint of Charlie's '64 book about Charlie Parker, Ode To A
High F7ying Bird

Apr 10, '91 Keith records a guest session with John Lee Hooker at San Francisco's Russian
Hill Studio. The song, "Crawling King Snake," appears on Hooker's Mr.Luclcy
album later in the year.

May 2, '91 At the Ivor Novello Awards conducted at London's Grosvenor House Hotel,
the Stones are honored for their "Outstanding Contribution To British
Music." Ronnie Wood and Bill Wyman are present to pick up trophies on behalf of
the band.

May 21, '91 Stones tape a video for the song "Sex Drive" at Twic P█ťkenham Studios in London
with director Julien Temple. The video is banned by MTV because of scenes
featuring women in see-through cellophane dresses.

Oct 25, '91 Band concert film Rolling Stones At The Max opens in eight theaters around the
world. It was filmed in London, Berlin, and Turin, during their 1990 Urban
Jungle tour and because it was shot in the IMAX format (requiring it to be
projected onto a special 100-foot ,vide screen), it can only be shown in about 100
theaters on earth.

Nov 19, '91 The Stones sign with Virgin Records.

Dec 10, '91 Virginreleases KeithRichardsAnd TheX-Pensive WinosLiveAtThe
Hollywood Palladium, December 15, 1988 on CD and video. They simultaneously
release a box set (numbered and limited to 10,000 copies) containing both the CD,
the video, and a photo booklet of Keith and the Winos.

Jan 15, '92 At New York's Waldorf Astoria Hotel, Keith inducts Leo Fender into the
Rock'N'Roll Hall Of Fame, then takes part in the closing jam with Jimmy Page
and Johnny Cash on numbers such as "Purple Haze" and "Green Onions."

Jan 16, ' 92 Mick attends the Hollywood premiere of Freejack at Mann' s Chinese Theater.
Then, it's off to the post-premiere bash at Asylum with David Bowie.

Mar 18, '92 Keith begins recording his next solo album at The Site in San Rafael, California.

Mar 28, '92 Ronnie holds a listening party at A&M Studios in Hollywood for his Slide On
71is album. Guests include comedian Richard Lewis, Izzy Stradlin. and Phil

Aug 3, '92 Ronnie hosts a release party for his new album at Tatou in New York. Keith, in
town mixing his own album, stops by. The next morning, Ronnie turns up on the
radio with Howard Stern.

Oct 9. '92 Keith shoots "Wicked As It Seems" video in Los Angeles. Mark Romanek directs.

Oct 20. '92 Keith's second solo album, Main Offender, is released by Virgin.

Oct 28, '92 Ronnie kicks off his Slide On Thi tour at The Sting in New Britain,
Connecticut. Twenty shows later, the tour wraps up at Philadelphia's Chestnut
Cabaret on December 5. At the gig in San Francisco, Van Morrison guests on
"Little Red Rooster."

Nov 7, '92 Keith plays Velez Sarsfield Stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina with the X-
Pensive Winos for 40,000 fans. The performance is filmed for "Eileen," the
second video from Main Offender.

Nov 27, '92 Keith and the Winos begin European tour. Eleven shows in seven countries,
ending at London's Town & Country Club on his birthday, December 18. Mick
and Chris Jagger attend the December 2 Marquee show in London

Dec 28, ' 92 Keith and the Winos video a concert at Chicago' s WlTW-TV Studio for the
PBStVH- 1 co-produced series, Centerstage.

Dec 3 1, ' 92 Keith rings in the New Year with a concert at the Academy, just off Times
Square. The concert is partially televised live on CBS-TV. The 985 tickets that
were sold for the show were snapped up in two minutes. "Who knows," Keith says,
"maybe I could end up as the next Guy Lombardo." The opening act is Pearl Jam.

Jan 6, '93 Bill Wyman announces he is quitting the Stones.

Jan 10, '93 Ronnie plays the first of four solo concerts in Japan, wrapping up on the 14th,
at Tokyo's Budokan.

Jan 17, '93 In Seattle, Keith opens the U.S. Ieg of his Main Offender tour. The tour lasts 22
dates, capped by a five night sold-out stint at New York's Beacon Theater. Soul
Asylum is the tour's opening act.

Feb 5, ' 93 Ronnie and Rod Stewart turn up to tape MTV' s Unplugged at Universal
Studios in Los Angeles.

Feb. 6, ' 93 Mick guests on Satwday Night Live, performing two songs from his forthcoming

Feb 9, '93 Mick's third solo offering, Wandenng Spint, is released by Atlantic and Mick
plays an invite-only show at New York's Webster Hall to launch the album.

Feb 16, '93 The Faces reunite at the Brit Awards in London's Alexandria Palace.
Performing "Stay With Me" and "Sweet Little Rock'N'Roller" are Rod, Ronnie,
keyboard player Ian McLagan, drummer Kenney Jones, and, filling in for the
ailing Ronnie Lane on bass. Bill Wyman.

Apr '93 Keith releases a CD Five from Main Offenderwhich contains a track called "Key
To The Highway" and a live version of "Gimme Shelter."

Apr 20, '93 Mick and Keith fly to Barbados to begin writing material for the next Stones
album. Charlie joins them 10 days later.

Jul 9, '93 The Stones begin a month of sessions at Ronnie Wood's house in Ireland.

Sep 28, '93 Ronnie releases Slide On Live, an album recorded at his Slide On This
concerts in New York, Boston, and Tokyo.

Oct 12, '93 The Charlie Watts Quintet releases Wam2 & Tender.

Nov 2, '93 Stones begin the final stage of their recording sessions, at Dublin's Windmill Lane
Studio. Darryl Jones plays bass.

Nov 24, ' 93 Virgin releases an 1 8-song greatest hits CD titled Jump Back in Europe and
Japan, but not in the States.

Jan 9, '94 Mick 2rrives in LA o\ gD-to begin four months of mixing for the new album. Keith
arrives four days later. Ronnie and Charlie fly over for a couple of weeks in

Mar '94 In Nashville, Keith records two duets with country balladeer George Jones. Also
sitting in are Ricky Skaggs, Vince Gill, Marty Stuart, Leon Russell, James Burton,
and Emmylou Harris. The two songs - "Say It's Not You" and "l'm Gonna Burn
Your Playhouse Down" -- will appear on Jones' forthcoming CD.

May 3, '94 The Stones float down the Hudson River en route to a press conference at Pier 60
in New York. They disembark the "Honey Fitz" (a yacht once owned by JFK),
meet the Press, and announce plans for this year' s Voodoo Lounge World Tour.

Jun 18 - Stones tape a video for "Love Is Strong" in New York and Toronto.
Jun 19, '94

Jun 20, ' 94 Stones begin rehearsing for their Voodoo Lounge tour at a compound just
outside of Toronto.

Jul 5, ' 94 "Love Is Strong" released as the first single from the Voodoo Lounge album.

Jul 12, '94  Voodoo Lounge is unveiled to the public. It's the Stones' 22nd studio album (36th
             overall) and marks their debut with Virgin Records.

Jul , '94    Stones play an unannounced warm-up gig at Toronto's l,100-capacity RPM Club.
             The charge is the regular five dollar cover which is donated to the Covenant
             Hospice. The band play 16 songs, including "Brown Sugar," "Street Fighting
             Man,""Tumbling Dice," and "Rocks Off," plus new songs such as "Sparks Will
             Fly" and "I Go Wild." Dan Akroyd is one of the guests that attend. It is bassist
             Darryl Jones' live debut with the band.

Aug I, ' 94  Stones launch their Voodoo Lounge tour at RFK Stadium in Washington, D .C .

(1976 through 1994 written and researched by Bill German of the Beggars Banquet newsletter.)

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