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My Girlfriend Was A Punk

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If you love the sound of those crazy punkettes on vocals then you'll love this selection from around the world. Not strictly '77 style but don't let that spoil the fun. So many classics many rarities. You will have heard bugger all of them before but so what !
Flip Out Lepers USA
Antisocial Disease Sick Things UK
Le Centre Du Monde Ici Paris France
LTO Usch Sweden
Danger Boy Rough Cut USA
Weekend Boy Stripes Germany
Take A Ride Questions France
30 Years Electric Deads Denmark
365 Gluearms Switzerland
I Gave My Punk Jacket To Ricky Mary Monday USA
Trash The Doll UK
No One Rules S.I.B Italy
Nasty Secretary Joy Ryder & Avis Davis USA
Controle Anouschka Et Les Prives France
Back Off Baby Tyranna Canada
Mom & Pop Democracy USA
World War 4 Reactors USA
Omae Ga Hoshi Sheena & The Rokkets Japan



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