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James A. Ball
Genres  Rock
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Worked With: SHEENA & THE ROKKETS JOHN LENNON Savatage Aerosmith Jack Douglas The Smithereens Ashley Cleveland Badlands Steve Leber Bob Kinkel Pat DiNizio Jim Babjak Glenn Worf Wally Wilson Brad Whitford Steve Wacholz Steven Tyler Eric Troyer Jon Oliva Criss Oliva Johnny Lee Middleton

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SHEENA & THE ROKKETS  Happy House (1988) Engineer 
SHEENA & THE ROKKETS  (Ha! Ha! Ha!) Hard Drug (1992) Engineer 
Aerosmith  Classics Live (1986) Engineer 
Aerosmith  Classics Live 2 (1987) Engineer, Mixing 
Aerosmith  Box of Fire (1994) Engineer 
Aerosmith  Greatest Hits 1973-1988 (2001) Engineer 
Aerosmith  Greatest Hits 1973-1988/Classics... (2001) Engineer 
Badlands  Badlands (1989) Engineer 
Badlands  Voodoo Highway (1991) Producer, Engineer 
Joan Baez  Play Me Backwards (1992) Engineer 
Paul Butterfield  Legendary Paul Butterfield Rides... (1986) Engineer 
Ashley Cleveland  Bus Named Desire (1993) Engineer 
Karla DeVito  Is This a Cool World or What (1981) Assistant Engineer 
The Go-Go's  Beauty & the Beat (1981) Assistant Engineer, Mixing Assistant 
Heaven  Knockin' on Heaven's Door Engineer 
Joan Jett  Up Your Alley (1988) Engineer 
John Lennon  Double Fantasy (1980) Assistant Engineer 
Michelle Malone & Drag the  Relentless Engineer, Mixing 
Elliott Murphy  Going Through Something: The Best... (1996) Producer 
Omen  Best of Omen: Teeth of the Hydra (1989) Engineer 
Graham Parker  Another Grey Area (1982) Assistant Engineer 
Raging Slab  Slabbage/True Death (1991) Remixing 
Kristi Rose & the Midnight  Some People (1986) Producer 
Savatage  Hall of the Mountain King (1987) Engineer 
Savatage  Gutter Ballet (1989) Engineer 
Savatage  Streets: A Rock Opera (1991) Engineer 
Michael Schenker Group  Assault Attack/Rock Will Never Die (1996) Engineer 
The Smithereens  Especially for You (1986) Engineer, Associate Producer 
The Smithereens  Green Thoughts (1988) Engineer 
The Snakes  Snakes (1989) Engineer, Mixing 
Spread Eagle  Open to the Public (1993) Producer, Engineer 
Peter Zaremba Love...  Spread the Word (1986) Producer 

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